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Italian Hockey League, Dominica in Pista – FISG

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Boxing Day Means Hockey: IHL is back in the rink on Sunday with the 16th and third-to-last round, five matches to follow in the tournament as the standings are still fully written, both at the top and in the queue. The 180 minutes remaining at the end of the regular season will also be necessary to determine the Italian Cup framework.

The final rush of the regular season and the determination of the Italian Cup quarter-finals

Only the first eight will be played in the Coppa Italia quarter-final (in a dry match on January 18), so with Appiano removed, now out of the game, they are all still at stake and above all every position could be questioned in light of the nine points left Customize it for different profiles.

Bergen Sabines Hockey Away to Dobbiaco

Tough match for the team in the best form of the moment, Hockey Pergine Sapiens. After five successes in a row, the players of Trentino appeared on stage in Dobbiaco, against an opponent that is not easy given the good moment for the Icebears. In addition, Pusteria has also added full-back Danny Elliscasis to his squad, a player who is also very experienced in Serie A and AHL with Lupi di Brunico. An important card for the team that has returned from the success achieved in Egna with Unterland, and therefore in perfect condition: a deep roster and an excellent attack make Dobbiaco a very dangerous opponent, especially at home. So it will be difficult but certainly not impossible for Bergen who only reclaimed two points from first place: Andrea Ambrosi’s side have also changed gears thanks to the arrival of Canadian striker Sanveido, a very effective and tangible player. In Objective, Rigoni’s return can make a difference, but this Pergine is based on a collective level of Absolute. The fact that all 4-1 goals against Fiemme came from different players shows how the Trentino group has grown exponentially during the current season.

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Unterland in the pirate house to regain altitude

The two South Tyrol derby matches are scheduled to start from Appiano-Unterland. After a good moment with several imminent victories, the pirates stumbled upon a bad defeat for Chiavina with Cuomo. A 5-1 result that slowed the growth of the young South Tyrol team, which is now facing a very difficult test. It would practically take the perfect match at this Eppan to grab points and introduce yourself to the qualification round with a bit more spirits. The Cavaliers would initially introduce themselves to say he’s less pissed off: two back-to-back defeats, mostly at home, never seen before in an Interland season. Now to stay in touch with the top of the rankings, perhaps in an effort to take advantage of some missteps, you need complete, non-negotiable success. Kaufmann, Galacetti and Goldner, three players who participated with Italy’s Under-20 World Cup in their category, will return.

Bressanone in crisis awaits Caldaro

The second challenge for South Tyrol is between Bressanone and Caldaro. The Falcons are definitely going through a complicated moment, with six straight defeats slowing their progression significantly: a ninth place is the logical result, stemming mainly from the problems of getting the worst attack in this category. After a good start, the Brissinians, thanks also to O’Shaughnessy’s departure, were unable to achieve consistency in the third opponent despite having a list of certainly talented players. The challenge with Lucci was tough, and with the last two wins they are back at the top of the table. As usual, Caldaro is a team to consider as they have tremendous potential in every position of play, and the arrival of experienced Czech full-back Mazanek will only perform well, adding plenty of experience and solidity.

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An interesting match in Cavalese between the hosts and the Mastiffs

The second leader, Fiemme, would immediately attempt to respond to Bergen’s defeat by hosting Varese. In the derby a week ago, Erwin Costner’s side paid the price for several absences, to indicate a period that is certainly not easy from a physical point of view, and now they will need to regain their cohesion and solidity. At least Vanzeta is back to his act, serving two days of disqualification, but still requires a solid test as Fiemme has shown he can do several times a season, playing on par with the other big names in the tournament and setting a path that isn’t always consistent but He remains the first in the class. For Mastini Sunday it’s a potentially golden opportunity, given that the Barrasso team is having a great time. The two small defeats against Unterland and Allegi showed good qualities, as the 5-0 defeats against Bressanone highlighted the functions of the Varese system. Moraro, Italy’s under-20 goalkeeper at the World Championships, is back in this category: his performance in a game where Mastini aren’t allowed margins of error will be essential.

Le Civette will host the unveiling of the Como . Championship

However, it will not be easy to reveal the season of Massimo da Rin, who will rise in Agordino to challenge the eager Allegian to raise his head after stopping at Caldaro: Nevertheless, the 5-3 at Lucci’s home showed how the Fontana team has evolved in recent weeks, coming in To play even against a candidate.

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Italian Hockey League – Regular Season – Round 16 – 26 December 2021

18:00 HC Iban Appiano Hockey Interland Cavaliers
18:30 Alleg Hockey hockey like
20:00 AHC Toblach Dobbiaco Icebears Hockey Bergen Sabines
20:00 Valdifiemme HC HC Varese 1977
20:00 HC Falcons Brixen Bressanone SV Kaltern Caldaro rothoblaas

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