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The Captain regenerates with Asiago Hockey, Marco Magnapusco, and Giallorossi’s Heart

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L ‘Asiago Hockey and his captainAnd the Marco MagnapuscoThey will also continue their journey together next season in the prestigious season Ice Hockey League.

Last season, the 26-year-old from Altopiano got Chevron as captain after a life spent wearing a Giallorossi jersey tattooed on his skin. Magnabosco played the first Serie A changes on the ice of the season 2012/13From that moment on, I’ve been playing games ever since No. 95 There were 433, among the various competitions he created 297 points. In recent seasons, he has always been one of the best internal scorers in the team, giving good performances and generosity to his fans.
In the last two versions of World Cup Top Division Captain Star has also been called up by Coach Ireland and his staff to represent National Blue.

Marco can’t wait to get started: “I am very happy with the renewal and being able to face a tournament of this level with my team and at our home. It will be exciting, adrenaline-fuelled and exhilarating. From this tournament I expect a match Excellent quality In all respects: a lot physicalAnd the fast And the Technical. Our challenge will be to finish the top six in the championship and go as far as we can. This year we have set again Continental Cup: I think we’ll have more chances and that it might come in handy more than the other versions“.

Asiago Hockey Market Captain Marco Magnapusco

Credit: CS Asiago Hockey, Photo by Serena Fantini

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