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Ice hockey, the Paralympics as champions for Italy – FISG

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a Paralympic Games from black. The Fifth place Obtained from National Para Ice Hockey Team on the ice from Indoor National Stadium It’s the result of that It is considered a medal For a movement that is difficult to find members, whose number in Italy does not exceed sixty units. However, among the world’s superpowers, the The blues Massimo da Rin made their way Having conquered Passing for the fifth consecutive Paralympic Games From Turin 2006 onwards, they greatly honored the championship.

After a difficult start against the Czech Republic (0-5), The knight and his companions raised their heads about beats Twenty-four hours later Slovakia in the penalty shootout (2-1), thus locking From the quarter-finalsDespite the subsequent defeat against the hosts of China (0-6), he was able to snatch a historical bronze at the end of the event. In the knockout stage, South Korea blocked the Azzurri’s path to medals, just as they did four years ago in Pyeongchang in the bronze medal final: the Asians won 4-0.

Italy, however, has regrouped and He wanted to leave Beijing as a winner. Thus, the new challenge against the Czech Republic for the last fifth place has arrived Best performance of the entire tournamentWith 3-4 a fictional story The extra time that made the whole of Italy fall in love and beyond. until the The New York Times (Here is the article) I spoke about the result of the Azzurri, confirming the fact that none of them are professional unlike what happens, for example, in the country of the 5-time Paralympic champion America, who today beat Canada 5-0 in the final.

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This is the Comment by Chief FisgAnd the Andrea Gius: “I am really proud of what our guys have been able to do, with the guidance of Massimo da Ren and Mirco Bianchi. Behind this fifth place are the efforts of many people who not only devote themselves in life to ice hockey, but manage in their spare time to build something great. My wish and commitment for the next four years is to continue to work, with the Italian Paralympic Committee, to bring more and more young people to experience this wonderful and unenviable sport in its permanent Olympic edition. Recruiting, as the boys have correctly pointed out many times, is the only way to grow and dream of doing better in four years on the ice in our home.“.

In Milan Cortina will see 2026 again, after 16 years of absence, too Curling in a wheelchairafter Egidio Marches and his comrades fought in vain last fall to qualify for Beijing:I hope the curling mania unleashed by Mossaner Constantini’s brilliant victory will lead many children in wheelchairs to try their hand at the Paralympics. In this sector too, the emergence of new members can help us grow quantitatively and qualitatively towards goals that might have seemed unrealistic only a few years ago. We must start working immediately to be ready when it is our turn to be the hostPresident’s speech juice.

Image credit: Mantovani/CIP

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