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Italian Baseball Softball Federation

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It will officially begin on Wednesday, March 8 World Baseball Classic 2023. After a six-year wait, the best baseball tournament for national teams is back for its fifth edition.

Below is the schedule for everyone Forty-seven games Planned March 8 to 22, divided by days. All times shown Italian Time Tables.

All matches of the Italian national teamBeyond semi-final And FinalThe day will be broadcast live and with commentary in Italian Sky Sports Come NowBy purchasing Sky’s paid streaming service Game Pass.

Wednesday, March 8

05.00 Holland-Cuba (Group A)
12.00 China Taipei-Panama (Group A)

March 9 Thursday

04.00 South Korea-Australia (Group B)
05.00 Holland-Panama (Group A)
11.00 Japan-China (Group B)
12.00 Cuba-Italy (Group A)

Friday 10 March

04.00 China-Czech Republic (Group B)
05.30 Panama-Cuba (Group A)
11.00 Japan-South Korea (Group B)
12.00 China Taipei v Italy (Group A)

Saturday 11 March

04.00 Australia-China (Group B)
05.00 Italy-Panama (Group A)
11.00 Japan-Czech Republic (Group B)
12.00 China Taipei v Netherlands (Group A)
18.00 Puerto Rico-Nicaragua (Group D)
20.30 Mexico-Colombia (Group C)

Sunday, March 12

01.00 Venezuela-Dominican Republic (Group D)
03.00 USA v Great Britain (Group C)
04.00 South Korea-Czech Republic (Group B)
05.00 Cuba-Chinese Taipei (Group A)
11.00 Australia v Japan (Group B)
12.00 Italy v Netherlands (Group A)
17.00 Israel-Nicaragua (Group D)
20.00 Canada-Great Britain (Group C)

Monday, March 13

00.00 Puerto Rico-Venezuela (Group D)
03.00 USA-Mexico (Group C)
04.00 Czech Republic v Australia (Group B)
11.00 China-South Korea (Group B)
17.00 Nicaragua-Dominican Republic (Group D)
20.00 Great Britain-Colombia (Group C)

Tuesday, March 14

00.00 Puerto Rico-Israel (Group D)
03.00 USA-Canada (Group C)
17.00 Venezuela-Nicaragua (Group D)
20.00 Colombia-Canada (Group C)

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Wednesday, March 15

00.00 Dominican Republic-Israel (Group D)
03.00 Mexico-Great Britain (Group C)
11.00 am #1 Group A – #2 Group B (Quarter Final #1)
17.00 Israel-Venezuela (Group D)
20.00 Canada-Mexico (Group C)

Thursday, March 16

00.00 Dominican Republic-Puerto Rico (Group D)
03.00 Colombia-USA (Group C)
11.00 am #1 Group B – #2 Group A (Quarter Final #2)

Saturday 18 March

00.00 #1 Group D – #2 Group C (Quarter #3)

Sunday 19 March

00.00 #1 Group C – #2 Group D (Quarter #4)

Monday, March 20

00.00 Quarter Final Winner #3 – Quarter Final Winner #1 (Semi Final #1)

Tuesday, March 21

00.00 Winner Quarter-Final #4 – Winner Quarter-Final #2 (Semi-Final #2)

Wednesday, March 22

00.00 Semi-Final Winner #2 – Semi-Final Winner #1 (Final)

A baseball classic around the world

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