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CD Projekt is considering extending menstrual leave to the entire company, similar to GOG –

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Following the example of GOG, CD Projekt (ie the parent company) is considering submitting Menstrual leave paid to its employees.

Aware of the impact of menstrual pain on some female employees, Gog He said the “trial” leave could “break the taboo” and is “another step towards making GOG a more inclusive workplace”.

Since the initiative was announced in early April, not everyone has been convinced of the veracity of the announcement, but Axios recently confirmed that the new policy was introduced after personal experiences from within the GOG team.

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“Menstrual leave” Promotes inclusivity Acceptance of biological differences in the workplace. “By giving extra days off for those with period pain, we know these symptoms are real,” the company said on LinkedIn.

And the leave will be “when the period pain occurs” and it will be so fully paidwith the company estimating that employees with painful periods will take an extra day each quarter.

PC Gamer contacted the parent company of GOG, CD Projekt – which employs more than 1,000 people – to ask if other companies in the same corporate network also intend to enforce this policy. According to CD Projekt Director of Public Relations Radek Grabowski, “GOG is leading this initiative, and we’re looking forward to it even more across CD Projekt.”

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