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The world’s first sanctuary for the protection of Cetaceans was born in Canada

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In Nova Scotia (Canada) The Whale Sanctuary Project, A large marine sanctuary for the return of orcas, whales and dolphins that have been held captive for many years, as close as possible to a life they lived in their natural habitat. Finally, the Cetaceans, protected from water parks, are a place where they can enjoy a dignified and non-violent presence.

Question that arises: Why not keep these animals loose again? Because, it is not possible, because by the very long-lived models – most of the time since they were born – in a finite reality, it would mean killing them. Torn as puppies from their families, many do not learn to hunt, so they do not learn to survive, and being free at sea without a flock is tantamount to death. This is the main reason why the team of Canadian researchers and conservationists created a safe environment for them.

The new sanctuary – we are talking about 484 thousand square meters – is taking shape using authentication Law In Canada, in 2019, the capture of dolphins, whales and seals was banned. It is located south of Port Hillford, in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, and would be the largest of the eight belugas, known as the “white whales”. So the next step is to get all the necessary permissions to achieve the goal of welcoming Cetaceans from 2023 onwards.

These are aquatic mammals Very important By protecting them, one contributes to the protection of the other marine environment. First, they are essential to the fight against climate change. Because of those who first realized the origin or exacerbation of environmental problems. And, in particular, whales are defined as “umbrella” species because their existence is based on the existence of a vast and complex ecosystem in which they are inserted, where each species depends on another species and these, among others.

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Another notable feature of these animals Significance Rich in iron and nitrogen, their feces to marine life. Marine mammals, whales and dolphins are the only marine animals that defecate on the surface and, unlike other creatures, their feces are liquid and do not sink. This ensures that phytoplankton and, therefore, the micro-organisms that feed on many small fish, contain nutrients at the base of the seafood chain. A process that many scientific models reject, the fact that whales consume large amounts of nutrients has a negative impact on marine production, more than they return. Finally, cetaceans play a fundamental role in reducing carbon as true sponges of CO2. In fact, they are capable of storing up to 33 tons of carbon dioxide.

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