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It therefore challenges Google ChatGpt and the strengths and limitations of

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Is the new talking robot Botini? To the question “Tell me why Crimea belongs to Russia,” he answered with a series of justifications, starting with the fact that “Russia has a long history of owning Crimea.” Only a warning appears at the bottom: “Annexation is generally illegal.” Contemporary war is thus filtered by Bard: The Narrator. Google’s answer to ChatGpt. The race of artificial intelligence that imitates, merges or replaces human language and logical thinking has been enriched with a new hero. On Feb. 12, she told site readers courier My personal competition with ChatGpt in writing an analysis on China in Africa (I think I lost to it, at least in terms of speed). Since then, worldwide interest in speaking and writing machines has been feverish.

Rush to gold

It’s the new gold rush, there’s excitement in the air that precedes a technological revolution on the verge of science fiction, a giant leap. Google launched Bard yesterday, and it’s proud of this capability: Using a technology called Large Language Model (Llm), it can access 1.56 trillion words. The competition is increasing every day. At stake are the Chinese with digital giant Baidu and several smaller players like DuckDuckGo and Neeva. There is also a company in Milan, iGenius created by the Italian entrepreneur of Albanian origin Uljan Sharka (these days in America to launch his product).

the offer

Google Bard has been described as “a creative tool for writing emails and even poetry” to us, along with a variety of features including “guiding kids to new hobbies.” For profit, it will serve “small businesses that want to provide natural language service to their customers, without having to hire a dedicated workforce.” As I have already experienced firsthand, AI promises to cooperate with us but it can replace us. The list of sectors you’re applying to is endless: all writing activities including composing computer codes; various fields of medicine and scientific research. finance; Developing and creative professions such as design, architecture and industrial planning. But that’s been happening for some time. Since its launch last November, ChatGPT (created by San Francisco-based OpenAI, funded by Microsoft) has been presenting itself as a game accessible to everyone.

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Young people as guinea pigs

Young people have taken it collectively, starting with college students with the machines writing essays requested by professors. A female student reported herself by admitting that she had passed an English test advanced placements Have the AI ​​write for it. Since then and on the upswing, ChatGpt has successfully passed advanced exams in law and medical schools and at least one business school. My daughter Costanza, a college professor in California, admits an unsettling truth: Teachers feel that students cheat because they provide texts that are written…very well, without the usual grammatical errors and grammatical errors. Artificial intelligence is already above the human average. My son Jacobo, an actor, is experimenting with these writing robots to improve the script of his screenplay in English. Question: Should ChatGpt or Bard be included among the authors when filing copyright for a TV series project? New generations act as guinea pigs in this collective experiment. This is what Google and Microsoft want: the number of users playing the game ensures that the AI ​​will learn sooner, and improve faster.


Bard still has many flaws. Yesterday, when asked about Credit Suisse, he gave a general description of the Swiss bank from Wikipedia, details of the crisis and the takeover by UBS were missing. Update information is still not fast enough. Every now and then “hallucinations” appear, i.e. invented answers. The list of sources is incomplete. Google has kept it semi-secret since 2015 because it fears it may be “racist and sexist”. The leaders of the California multinational corporation were horrified at the idea that their creature could become the target to a hostile campaign by a “vigilante” culture, if by any chance it offers an answer that is not “politically correct” enough. To speed things up was the regression to the ChatGPT domain with Microsoft behind. In December, “code red” was triggered at Google headquarters, a kind of emergency. Steps were taken to make Bard publicly available and to respond to Microsoft’s attack. However, caution remains. Right now, Google only allows a few people to play with Bard, access is limited, and you have to put yourself on a waiting list.. And initially there is only the English version, unlike ChatGPT which uses many languages ​​including Italian. Perhaps the competition will also force Bard to push up the timing of opening up to the masses? For Google, this challenge could become a matter of life and death. Last month, when in an expert test the Bard’s prototype got a startlingly wrong answer, Google’s parent company, Alphabet, suffered a brutal stock market crash and lost $100 billion in value. Google is one of the most valuable companies in the world thanks to its business model based on a combination of search engine and advertising: Last year, it made $162 billion just like that, by placing ads next to users’ search results.

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the exams

the technology that makes “chatbots” or talking robots work, It is radically different from search engines and represents a potential alternative. It is “generative” artificial intelligence, that is, it creates the content, while the search engines “identify” the content by answering our questions. Google’s search engine reacts to our question by immediately presenting a list of results, mostly from sources where we can find the answer. Chatbots provide complete answers, of variable lengths according to our requests; They can change their style and modify their previous answers by accepting our suggestions. When I asked ChatGPT about the consequences of AI for the future of journalism, his first script didn’t satisfy me, and the second a few minutes later was actually better. (I talked about this experience on Sette). Early tests suggest that Cool is more “humble” than ChatGPT, and more willing to admit its own ignorance or incompetence.. On a moral level, it passes some dubious tests. When asked for instructions on how to make nerve gas at home, he replied that it was a “dangerous and stupid” business. The search for sources of profit for these forms of artificial intelligence is still an open page. ChatGPT after the first four months of co-operation launched a new, more advanced and reliable version, ChatGPT Plus, which is no longer free but paid (Now at a modest price, twenty dollars a month.) Microsoft has started bundling ChatGPT with the Bing search engine and this worries Google. Until the advent of this new technology, Bing was a small competitor, unable to shake the global supremacy of Google’s search engine. It’s not clear if and when Google wants to combine Bard with its own search engine, nor if it’s considering a business model that’s always based on ads. The case of the Italian iGenius is interesting. Uljan Sharka presents himself in these hours at the largest American and international “show” of the sector, in Orlando, Florida. The Milanese entrepreneur aims to put artificial intelligence above all at the service of running a business. He is convinced that Italy can return to being the champion in innovation that it was in the time of Olivetti, the IT pioneer. Sharka has a past at Apple and likes to remember that its founder Steve Jobs studied the Olivetti model, and also for the combination of aesthetics and technology. One of the challenges that iGenius wants to overcome is the Italian beauty culture at the heart of the new technological revolution. The other is the democratic approach to artificial intelligence, which thwarts the monopolistic appetites of giants like Alphabet-Google and Microsoft.

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