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It has ridiculous fuel, which he modified on purpose

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This time King Charles of England emerged as never before. The change leaves everyone speechless.

The passing of Queen Elizabeth II has been known for quite some time, who consolidated her throne in England from February 6, 1952, until September 8, 2022. A very long reign for what remains to be one of the longest-lived monarchs of all time. King Charles III, who succeeded her, is the eldest son of the now defunct former queen.

King Charles

A truly wonderful honor and burden, for a man who now has the whole scene in and about England literally upon him. But this time, the former prince appeared in an unusual manner when in reality he is different.

Let’s talk about Aston Martin, which seems to have undergone a really unusual modification. Also because it was the hero of this story who wanted all this to happen. So let’s find out more about it and what really happened.

King Charles changes everything: Here’s what happened

Let’s talk aboutAston Martin DB6 Convertiblewhich is a passenger car Partially modified. It seems, in part, to be so They feed on white wine and cheese. It’s not a joke tainted entirely in English, though that wouldn’t be surprising, but it’s all true. To confirm this change, Carlo himself. He did so during an interview with BBC. Especially after journalist Justin Rowlatt wanted to deepen the Royal House’s commitment to combating climate change.

King Charles and his Aston Martin DB6 (web source)

Carlo later admits that he modified that car so that it could be They feed on real food waste. This Aston Martin, also a gift from Queen Elizabeth II for the 21st birthday of the heir to the throne, is in perfect working order. By human will, it is modified So that it also runs on alternative fuels.

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The request was made by Aston Martin engineers, who decided to fulfill this request. Fortunately, this change did not jeopardize the performance and health of the vehicle in question. However, DB6 is not an isolated case. Carlo also intends to modify other modes of transportation in the future.

Aston Martin, King Charles III Discovery Car

But which car is King Charles III’s car? We are talking about the Aston Martin DB6, which was produced from 1965 to 1971 and is a natural replacement for the DB5. Presented at the London Motor Show; From the DB5 he restored the front part of the body up to the door. The back showed a new tail.

He was too The first Aston Martin to feature a box-type solid steel floor, which was used by the British brand until the 1990s. This was the model Also very important from a business point of view; In fact, after 18 years, the owner of the company has completed the transformation of the brand into a comprehensive industrial reality.

On a technical level, the differences from the previous car are minimal; The engine was an in-line 6-cylinder, capable of releasing – in the basic version – 282 horsepower of maximum power. On this vehicle, the front suspension is independent, while the rear suspension is a rigid axle. It is a model that today could be worth at least 600 thousand euros. Who knows how much it might be worth… powered by white wine and cheese.

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