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The Queen attends and receives the Governor of Canada as a reward. Mass on the agenda for Filippo-

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He abandoned the long and very tedious Commonwealth Games in Westminster Abbey on Monday, sending his son Charles (all already listed by 54 countries as future presidents of the Commonwealth). But yesterday and today Elizabetta – reaffirmed that promise in the message for 2022 Commonwealth Day – in confirmation of that promise in the “service” of the country – held two face-to-face meetings. On Tuesday she had the new Governor General of Canada Mary Simon have a royal tea with her husband Witt Fraser in the Oak Room in Windsor. Today he welcomed poet Grace Nichols, who flew from Guyana to the United Kingdom, and had a past as a journalist and author, was awarded the Queen’s Gold Medal for Poetry 2021 by her grandfather, George V (Transformed Sovereignty). Family name in Windsor in 1917), in 1933. With a smile, thin but always perfect, the sovereignty recovered from Govt 19 shrunk in February and is gearing up for March 29th. At the end of the month, according to his apparent wishes, a sacred Mass will be held in Westminster Abbey in memory of his wife Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, who died in April, a year ago. . (Text: Enrica Rodolo)

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