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All curiosities after Frosinone-Empoli – Frosinone Calcio

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All the curiosities of the Frosinone-Empoli match after the match (Opta source).

Arijon Ibrahimovicwho started his first match in the Italian League, is the youngest player to score and provide an assist in the same match in the five major European leagues this season (December 2005).
Only Salvatore Foti (17 years, 188 days) and Mario Balotelli (17 years, 238 days) have scored and provided assists as younger players in the same Serie A match than Arijon Ibrahimovic (17 years, 330 days) in the last 20 seasons (2004/05).

Arijon Ibrahimovic (December 2005) He is the youngest player to have contributed at least two goals in Serie A. Only Elie Junior Cropi (Lorient, 2006) and Warren Zaire Emery (Paris Saint-Germain, 2006) have contributed more goals among players born later. He has played in the five major European leagues.

Marvin Cooney He scored his first Serie A goal with his first shot on target in the competition, his sixth overall.

the Frosinone It is the team that scored the largest number of players born after 2000 in the Italian League, with six goals. In addition to Kony (2001) and Ibrahimovic (2005), as well as Brescianini (2000), Ilario Monteresi (2001), Reinier (2002) and Mathias Solé (2003).

With network Marvin Cooney And erijon ibrahimovic, Frosinone has scored 11 different players in Serie A, and no team has performed better (11, as Roma).

the Frosinone They have hit the woodwork nine times this Serie A, which is only fewer than Athletic Club (10) in the top five European leagues this season.

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