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Rojo Viadana Futbol, ​​the case in the Council a year after the facts

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“Will the municipality cater to the needs of the special manager of the bar?” The request of interest is the council group ioCambio, which at the next Municipal Council of Viadana will ask a question for evaluation, one year after the fire, presumably a fire, that damaged the headquarters of Viadana Calcio and the adjacent bar, in the center sports field in Via Al Ponte. «The structure – say the advisers Fabrizio zavanella And the Congrats! Good – owned by the municipality, even if it is entrusted with a concession to Viadana Calcio. The latter gave the management bar to a third party. In the silence of the local authority and concessionaire, the urgent restoration of the premises was promptly and fully supported by the managers of the tavern, who received no financial assistance.”

During the town meeting, opposition representatives will be asked about the administration’s intentions: «Given that the share to which insurance coverage is likely to be recognized is unknown, we would like to know how much the building restoration costs amounted to, and what refreshment is intended to correspond to those who have taken charge of the situation. Until now “.

Zavanella and Boni hope that the search for those responsible for the deed will also be considered: «They recall that the fire rendered the structures unusable for more than 6 months, causing extensive damage to the gym, bar and the entire community. . The event may have adverse origins. Since then, the matter has not been broached in the council, either to take account of the initiatives taken by the municipality to protect its assets or to provide information on the status of the investigations: we would request an update on the progress of the investigations. and any actions by the police.” Flames had passed through the door of the Viadana Calcio headquarters during the night, affecting and destroying furniture, archives, computer equipment and play suits. In the previous months, the association had been subjected to other acts of vandalism.

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