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Iran, in prison, the artist Taraneh Al-Idoosti, had appeared without a veil on

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From Alessandra Muglia

The star of the Oscar-winning movie “The Client” has supported the protests on social media. Fears about the fate of a female doctor

Her global fame was not enough to protect her: the actress ended up in jail yesterday in Tehran Tarana Idustialso known in Italy for her role in the Academy Award-winning film the customer, By Asghar Farhadi. The 38-year-old artist, who is married and has a mother, was arrested from her home and arrested on charges of “publishing false and distorted content and causing chaos.” In other words, she was punished for supporting anti-regime protests on social media from the start, thanks to her eight million followers on Instagram, where her account is now suspended.

As early as November 16, On the day of the death of Mohsa Amini, the fuse that ignited the protests, He posted a photo with the caption, “Damn this captivity.” Referring to the arrest process during which the arrested girl was killed for wearing the hijab badly. The caption read, “Don’t forget what Iranian women go through,” and asked everyone to “say her name, spread the word.”

Another powerful post of hers is dated November 9: she stands with her hair in the wind, without a veil, holding a piece of paper that reads “Woman, Life, Freedom,” The slogan has been the battle cry of protesters calling for an end to the Islamic Republic for three months. A gesture that cost her exclusion from anywhere in Iran. But she made it clear that she wanted to stay in the country at any cost and willingly stopped her work to support the families of victims of repression.

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His last post is from December 8, the day the first execution took place One of the demonstrators in this wave of protests that soon assumed the features of a real revolution: Mohsen Shekari, 23, went to the gallows. Addressing the hawks of the regime, he wrote: “Relax and wait for the results of the bloodshed.” He warned everyone, even outside the country, that “your silence means support for oppression and oppression,” and “any international organization that witnesses bloodshed and does not work is a disgrace to humanity.”

Aliduwosti was well aware of the risks he was taking by exposing his opposition. After all, this isn’t the first time the actress has defied the authorities. in June 2020 She was sentenced to five months’ imprisonment, suspended: she was accused of propaganda against the statefor expressing critical comments against the police force on social media. Then she released a video of the morality police assaulting a woman who refused to wear a hijab. “We are not citizens, but we are hostages,” he exclaimed on Instagram, replacing his profile picture with a black one, to remember the demonstrators who were killed by the security forces in November 2020. Years earlier, in 2016, his “tattoo” caused a feminist scandal »on the left arm , with the authorities demanding judicial intervention. On her Instagram, she explained, “Being a feminist does not mean being against the man or the family, but that every human being, regardless of gender, has the right to his individuality and to choose the life he wants.”

Waiting to understand the fate of the Idosti Tarana, There is concern about the fate of another woman who supported the protests: Aida Rostami, a 38-year-old doctor, who treated injured protesters at home who were reluctant to go to hospital where they risked arrest. Authorities said she was killed in a car accident. But her family members would have declared that there were clear signs of torture on the young woman’s body. At that point, the judiciary would have presented a new version of the facts: “Falling off a bridge after a verbal and physical argument with a man.” news issued by Iran Wire And the Farda RadioIt has not been re-released by other Iranian media.

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