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Final Fantasy 16, in the game you will be able to pet the dog Torgal

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Final Fantasy 16 It’ll boast a long line of exciting features, and you obviously can’t miss one that users are loudly asking for: the ability to Pet the Torgal dogThe faithful companion of the hero of the adventure novel, whenever you want.

A few hours after the Final Fantasy 16 video with the dog Torgal reminiscent of the old generation of consoles, with our four-legged friend ready to show us the direction in which to move in case of confusion, so comes another important confirmation, complete with a brief video illustrative:

Although someone on social media is mocking Square Enix for offering such a frivolous feature, there are actually many fans who have shown they appreciate this small but important consideration, which will inevitably bring some kind of reward with it.

We recently saw the possibility of petting cats and dogs in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, while in Stray we were the ones controlling a kitten looking (too) for pampering, thus reversing the perspective.

The other secrets of Final Fantasy 16 we will find out once the game debuts on PS5, then June 22nd.

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