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It’s his latest release from Lotus Elise

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private client – Her last sample color Lotus Elise Exit the dystrophy factory gates. Waiting for her with open arms and her heart in her throat, Elisa Artioli. Twenty-eight years from Bolzano (but to study and work, she also lived in England, Austria and Spain), Elisa, a passion for sports cars and a lover of beautiful driving, is not just a customer: you know the two and a half year old girl at the 1995 Frankfurt Motor Show came out from under the hemp Who hid the new Lotus car, stuck to the steering wheel with a smile and a white and yellow shirt written on it “I’m Elise“?

Silver and gold, the colors of life together – after naming it – a romantic idea of Romano Artioliin love with his granddaughter and rebirth engineer lotus, which was on the verge of bankruptcy by General Motors in 1993, changed Elisa’s life forever. For a few years, as a child, she lived in Hethel with her grandfather, who, once production began, thought it best to take a silver sample of her from the assembly line, waiting for her to come of age to be able to drive her. Since then, Elsa and Elise, who was soon renamed “Ellie,” have become like twin sisters, like bread and butter: they are inseparable. “with her I learned to drive And still the car I feel most comfortable in,” he tells us by phone from England, where he has just collected the keys to his shiny car The latest version In the gold livery championship. A color that takes on the gold undertones of the Lotus Elise 260 Cup and ties into the black and gold undertones of John Player Special Lotus Formula 1. “It’s perfect alongside my S1 silver,” notes Elisa, who can’t wait to get behind the wheel, “even if I had to Get to know her well first, because while keeping The purity of the classic model And having already driven it right on the track on a driving course with Lotus Driver Academy, it has twice the horsepower, and everyone can feel it straight.”

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sexy lightness – I wouldn’t use it as a daily car e We will deal with it like a gem‘, the new gold-colored Elisa swears by Elisa, but the presence of the air conditioner, absent from her S1 phone, leaves no excuse even on the hottest and sunniest summer tours organized by the 28-year-old from Bolzano, who implements the project with enthusiasm and energy. . fun drivingIt is a young company that specializes in organizing events, tours, slalom and days on the track for sports enthusiasts. Apart from the air conditioning, what didn’t change one iota are the sensations one feels when lying down (other than sitting…) in the driver’s seat. “everything lightness issue, undoubtedly the archetype’s greatest legacy – explains Elisa -. The Lotus Elise is proof that you don’t necessarily need a lot of horsepower to have fun behind the wheel.”

New dreams to follow – Colin Chapman, who’s there, would definitely agree with a smile while lotusWith the classes of Elise, Exige, and Evora closed, she is ready to plunge into the challenge of environmental transformation, preparing for the most drastic change in her history. In short, times change and so do the cars, but the feelings in the Artioli house remain the same as in the past, very strong and saturated with gasoline. Elissa wrote romantically: “I learned from my grandfather that we have to go after our dreams, and I owe it to him.” Message Open Dedicated to Lotus Elise. A machine, for her, will forever remain something that is very difficult to explain, because she is “an important part of my family and my life, and everything I do today and what I do is also because of her.”

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