December 6, 2023

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Iran, eight years in prison for the man who beheaded his wife of 17 years (and laughed in the street) –

Iran, eight years in prison for the man who beheaded his wife of 17 years (and laughed in the street) –
to Irene Soave

The murder trial of Mona Heidari, the child bride, in February 2022, has now ended with imprisonment. Quite differently, from quick trials that send dissenters to the gallows

Iran, which sends its sons, defectors, to the gallows after trials of less than a month, has different interests with other perpetrators. I will spend eight years in prison Haidernava carpetsa man in Ahvaz, southwestern Iran, He cut off his wife’s head and came out laughing with her head in his hand. His wife, Mona Heidari, was 17 years old. They married when she was 12, and have a 3-year-old son.

The case shocked the country: The video appeared on social media long after the murder in February 2022, unleashing a wave of pain and indignation, as well as a campaign by major rights organizations to raise the minimum age. For marriage, now 13 for girls. Heidarnava worked jointly with Mona’s brother-in-law; Even for the guilty plea, the sentence was only seven and a half years for murder, plus eight for assault. Without appeal: The family of the child bride — and the murderer’s accomplice, Haider Haidarnava, her brother — have forgiven the murderer rather than ask retributionIt is a harsher punishment under Islamic law. kind of deal. Partner Haider Haidarnava will remain in prison for 45 months. The trial took place regularly, and had a reasonable duration: eleven months.

The same cannot be said of the forced confessions and speedy trials that led tosuspended Already four children, among the demonstrators who took part in the protests that erupted after the September 16 killing of Mohseh Amini. Kurdi, 22, was arrested for allegedly violating the country’s women’s dress code. He died two days after the police beating. Since then, the protests have not stopped: 19,000 people were arrested, nearly 500 protesters lost their lives, and to top it all off, there were four summary executions., flavored with typical penalties. Another twenty were sentenced to death, and could be hanged at any moment.

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