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Lineman blurs and publishes a summary –

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Desperate to be considered prejudiced by many of Twitter’s lofty fans, John Lynman from the Digital Foundry He finally exploded and decided to post a file Summary of comparisons between PS5 and Xbox Series X Carried out in recent months, to see which Results They were discovered by those, and thus the console appears better overall.

The tweet below contains an Excel listing of all the Linneman video comparisons made in the UK column over the past few times. 28 months. What it shows is that there were a total of 15 comparative analyses, and therefore not much compared to what one might think. In these cases, the Xbox performed 8 or more times better, in 5 cases there were draws (positive or negative for both) and in 2 cases the PS5 was better.

Linneman’s dual purpose, as evidenced by subsequent tweets, is to silence rumors that she might want him to be more benevolent with PlayStation while at the same time denying those who claim the results are largely in favor of the Sony console. The idea is that such an initiative, instead of putting peace in the console war, can instead feed it with new ammunition, but it is in any case an interesting document.

Note that the list is many partial, since it relates only to videos and analyzes made personally by John Lineman, as evidenced by his personal revolution, so it should not be considered a complete view of the situation, although the journalist in question is certainly among the most active in the digital field. Foundry’s ‘carry out this type of examination’.

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