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Alpine Hockey League, Master Round Trials for Renon and Asiago. Gerdina moves away to Zell am See – FISG

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Transformation as Christmas approaches he sees Rittner Buam and Migross Supermercati Asiago Hockey were the champs. On Thursday, December 23, Renon will be on stage in Lustenau against second in the standings while hosting current Italian champion Gisenice. Two intense challenges with the Italian hockey queens trying to stop the first and second in the transnational championship standings. Also from the track is Gherdina, which will be on stage in Zell am See with the aim of scoring points and retaining sixth place, the last to qualify for the Masters round.

With the countdown to the regular season in the Alps nearing the end (January 22, 2o22), the two challenges could also be the start of what’s to come next when the regular season’s top six qualify for the main round. Very interesting details for this season. Qualification to the main round does not guarantee certainty in the playoffs this season. In fact, at the end of the main round, the fifth and sixth rounds, to reach the qualifiers they will have to go through the previous qualifiers which are not simple at all given the extreme balance of this sixth edition of the Alps. This is why challenges before this Christmas are so important to gauge the consistency of opponents in anticipation of a future period that is poised to be more selective.

GEO 23.12.2021, 19:30: EHC Lustenau – Rittner Buam

Arbitri: Holzer, Woolner, Eisel, Rinker. In Derita streaming su

The first two games before Christmas will be played by second-placed EHC Lustenau and the third by Rittner Buam. Both teams are separated by one point. Both squads were last on the ice on December 11th. While EHC lost to championship leader Jesenice by 2:3 in overtime, Team “Buams” clearly beat Kitzbühel by 8:4. This was their fourth victory counting their last five challenges. In the first duel of the season between Voralberg Lions and Buam, “Ritten” clearly won in a ratio of 7: 3. For the team coached by Santeri Heskanen, this was the 13th victory in the 16th AHL duel. This figure specifically illustrates the remarkable performance of the people of South Tyrol each time they meet one of the strongest Austrian participants in the Alps.

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Absolute head-to-head clashes in the Alps: EHC – RIT 3:13

Thursday 23.12.2021, 20:30: Migross Asiago Asiago Hockey Supermarkets – HDD SIJ Acroni Jesenice

Referees: Benvigno, Verta, Bassani, Peras. Live broadcast on

A moment from the last semi-finals of last season which saw Asiago defeat Jesenice 3:2 in the series

The ultimate summit battle will take place just before Christmas in a duel between Migross Supermercati Asiago Hockey with SIJ Acroni Jesenice HDD. With 59 points from 24 matches, Jesenice is currently at the top of the table. Asiago has 48 points in 22 matches and is fourth in the standings. Last season, this duel took place in the semi-finals (3:2 for the Giallorossi in the series) as well as in the first season of the Alps. Now the great rivalry between the two teams is clear. Since last September, there have already been two meetings. While Asiago won 4:3 in the Continental Cup, in France for the second round, Jesenice won 5:3 in the first leg of the regular season of the AHL. The Giallorossi found Iacobilis against Feldkirch while against the Red Steelers there will once again be the Under-20 Nationals who brilliantly climbed to the World Cup in Brasov, Romania. Therefore, Asiago is slowly getting back to normal after a while with an existing rework. In Jesenice, Swedish goalkeeper Froberg is always absent (the injury was during the match against Gherdeina last December 2) so, except for the news, Kogovsek will be the Balkan goalkeeper. In Merano, on Tuesday debuted Jüri Sotlar, a player with long experience and already active in Vipiteno for two seasons and before that, the brilliant protagonist with Olympia Ljubljana.

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Absolute head-to-head clashes in the Alps: ASH – JES 14:15

Jiu, 23.12.2021, 7:30 pm: EK Die Zeller Eisbären – HC Gherdeina

Referees: OREL, REZEK, Kainberger and Wimmler. Live broadcast on

EK Die Zeller Eisbären has failed to win any of his last four matches and has already fallen to ninth in the standings. HC Gherdeina is out 12 days ago and is sixth in the standings. This season, the two teams actually competed on September 18. On that occasion, “Polar Bears” had a 3:2 success at Val Gardena. Girdina is in excellent shape, especially away from home, having racked up eight wins in his last ten matches. Samuel Moroder and Nicholas Baratoni are absent from the Val Gardena home. The Ladins should try to score points because the competition for the Master Round is very high and behind them more than one team wants to get into the top six on January 22nd.

Absolute head-to-head clashes in the Alps: EKZ – GHE 4: 5

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