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Embedded Hockey: Snakes make little mistakes but Derby Veneto goes to the Devils

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Even two full packets of Fabio Lefor’s honey are not enough (“thank you” to those who took care of it for me) to ameliorate the defeat he suffered. Asiago Fibers against the Devils Vicenza In the first Veneto derby of the season, with a score of 5 to 2 in favor of the team from the capital that does not, however, give credit for the true course of the match.

From the first minutes it is clear that the teams on the field will put in a great show, and after three and a half minutes the first goal arrives to open the score, with Vicenza taking advantage of a shot in the fight. The Snakes react immediately, and after six minutes from the start they find a tie Matthew Rossetto Who shoots and hits the edge of the column. A little more than a minute passes and the Snakes allow themselves to appear in a personal race to the enemy Ricardo Scivo. At the ninth minute the hosts could sprawl over their opponents in powerplay, but the “special team” evening didn’t seem to be the best. The game’s movements follow each other on both sides, with a rhythm not seen much lately. In the end, Daniele Faccinetti is still considering putting the piece in place and keeping his players ahead.

In the second half, it was still the Vipers goalkeeper who had to work overtime despite Asiago’s two other numerical superiorities in the first half of the period. The Snakes tried several times to advance against their opponents, but on the 14th day, the Vicenza draw took advantage of a moment of confusion in Asiago’s defence. The score is still open and the teams do not drop the pace of the match by a hair.
Four minutes after the siren goes off, the referees assign a penalty to too many players on the field for the team of coach Luca Rigoni, who finishes well and tries in every way not to receive the goal, but an unexpected shot, looking at the position, managed to overcome. Leggings by Daniele Facinetti finished his career on the net: 3 to 2 in favor of Vicenza, who waited for the 17th goal after the opening goal to regain the advantage.
One minute after the end, referees send Andrea Spiller off the bench for a trip, but the Snakes still tried to squeeze in an effort to equalize: a few seconds into the clash, Simon Basso received a blow with a stick in the face. Staying on the ground near the door of Vicenza, but the referees will likely miss the blow and not interfere, so the Devils take advantage of it to start the counterattack and sign a 4 to 2, which, in effect, closes the matches in favor of the hosts.
The last seconds without Daniele Facinetti between the scorers, in the last attempt in the lights, but Vicenza still benefited by scoring with the “local”, David Dal Sasso, the final 5-2 with an empty net.

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Credit: Photo Vanessa Zinobini

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