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Twenty-seven, a story of triumph. From 21.30 the premiere on Facebook, Youtube and VareseNoi’s homepage –

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It’s time to twenty seventhe story of a stunning sporting triumph for the sport of Varese.

this evening in 21.30, on the homepage and on its social channels (Facebook and YouTube), the premiere of the documentary presented by our newspaper at the invasion of Italian Cup of Mastiffs. At the end of the movie the movie will always be visible on Facebook and Youtube.

twenty seven: Like the years that have passed since the last trophy won by city hockey, Shimano hoisted the FA Cup into the sky above Trencin on December 29, 1995. Twenty-seven: Like the years that passed before the Kronenburg-branded Mastiff managed – in 1987 – to break the dominance of South Tyrol is undisputed for the Italian championship. Twenty-seven: such as the Coppa Italia editions, including the one presented as a gift to the public by Varese Ascenque Ice Arena on January 22nd. Twenty Seven: As the jersey number of Michael Mazacagne, a Varys native who is emblematic of a group of Varys natives, and a crucial player in the lead-up to the Final Four.

In short, a figure in destiny. A number that has become the work of our newspaper and its editorial group More news You want to leave for posterity so that this success – which also breaks the fast that Varese Sport has had since 1999 – is not forgotten and can really always be enjoyed in its own fragrance, the same one that can be appreciated over almost 50 minutes of photos.

Ventisette – born from an idea Gabriel Glassy And it was produced through a team effort that included this boss Andrea Confalonieri and video makers Jonathan Sotokorna and Fabio Kaderinger – There are game emotions, interviews, color, anticipation, adrenaline and victory. There is hope, fear and relief. There is a rebirth and a new consciousness of the yellow and black people. there The most beautiful two sporting days of the last quarter of a century in Varese.

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Our readers just have to enjoy it, returning their hearts to the still fresh and pulsating joy. Just as it happened Monday evening To the five hundred people who filled the Sala Giove del Multiplex Empire Varese, at the premiere, which drew applause. Party within a party, present Mastiffs in full force, from the team to the club, the Mastini Forever group and I Ragazzi della Nord, the institutions, the sponsors, the pallacanestro Varese and the many friends of our newspaper: to accompany the vision, tears of passion (Captain Vanity’s Tears, above all), choruses worthy of the Albany Road ice rink, laughter hearty and happiness in the eyes, to insert another evening into the precious coffin of dreams to come true.

And after seeing the Ventisette here are the words of the Mayor of Varese David Gallimbertifrom the boss Carlo Pino, Sporting Director Matteo Malfatti, Andrea Vanetti and Alessio Perroso, Beside by Claudio Puccichairman Bakaria Specialist Centrewhose contribution is indispensable – along with the contribution GiocaBetTV, Coop Lombardia, Acinque, EuroBazar, Varese Sports Commission sponsorship of Milan Cortina 2026 And cooperate AIHG, OneTV, Radio Village Network, and MIV – We owe the making of the documentary.

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