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Calcio: Morata, the future Juventus? “Happy here, you don’t have to ask me” – Calcio

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(ANSA) – ROME, April 15 – “The future of Juventus? Every player in Juventus plays his future here, in every training session and every match. There is a very long line of players who want to come here. What I have always said is that I do my best to win. For the team, for my teammates, for the fans. I feel very good at Juventus, about the future… You don’t have to ask me.” Thus, Juventus striker Alvaro Morata said in an exclusive interview with DAZN in 1vs1 format: “I am happy to arrive at Allianz every day, I show my children the stadium and they ask me to play the Juve anthem every morning, so I am happy.”

Regret or satisfaction with this tournament: “Regret – continues Morata – is useless and there is nothing. We had a season that was like 2/3 small seasons in one season, and there’s nothing to complain about. The tournament we have an Italian Cup final to play. When you finish and enter Memory room, pictures with trophies are more important than anything else. We have a chance to win the Coppa Italia final, to win the Cup.” And about Tevez: “When I saw Tevez I thanked him – I remembered the Juventus striker – I owe him a lot if I was the player I am today. At first he looked at me badly if I didn’t pass him the ball when he was in front of goal. And I kicked, but that also helped me. For me he is one of the strongest of all, he would tear down the wall if he had to tear it down, or rebuild it if he had to rebuild it within 5 minutes, sometimes he’d win matches by himself. He saw me again and told me he didn’t expect my physique to play wide on the left” (Ansa).

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