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USA, Biden insulted with pro-Trump ‘V Code’ during Christmas phone call –

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From Claudio Pozza

The President has been living with his wife Jill for a tradition that has been going on since 1955. The call in which the father tells him, “Let’s go Brandon.” That is why it is considered an insult

US President Joe Biden was secretly insulted last night with a catchphrase common to Donald Trump supporters during a Christmas phone call. Biden and his wife Jill followed her Tradition of speaking to some people calling a special line after Santa’s flight, operated by the North American Air Defense Command (NORAD) since 1955. In a video conference from the White House, they were called with a man who said his name was Jared (like Ivanka Trump’s husband, soAnd to be the father of four children.

After briefly talking to the children about the requested gifts and urging them to go to bed before midnight, Biden spoke with the youngsters’ father: Concluding the conversation, the US president wished a “wonderful Christmas” to his interlocutor, who replied, “Happy birthday to you too, happy birthday.” “, Then we finish by saying, “Let’s go, Brandon.” “I agree”Biden responded, without any further reaction to that iconic phrase that actually means “F…Joe Biden.” Although it wasn’t clear whether the chief recognized the signal right away, Jill on the other hand laughed in embarrassment and widened her eyes.

The video extracted from this exchange spread on social networks, With some netizens giving the president credit for his indifference. It all started in October due to an NBC reporter’s mistake during an interview with race driver Brandon Brown, after winning the NASCAR circuit. I raise my voice to cover that Get up from the stands, and she says, “And you can hear the crowd sing ‘Come on, Brandon!’” “. In fact, though, you can hear “F…Joe Biden!” Quite clearly. The phrase “Let’s go Brandon” quickly became a catchphrase to insult Biden without uttering the “F-word,” a banned insult. In addition to Trump supporters, many Republican politicians have also resorted to this formula.

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