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Inline Hockey: In the European League some difficulties for the Vipers, in the afternoon the last qualifiers

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the Asiago Fibers They did not find any points on the second day of European League He suffered two defeats against the two Spanish teams: in the afternoon against my hosts Molina Sports Gran Canaria For 4 to 8 and in the evening with a heavy 0 to 8 against formation Tres Cantos.

This is the Euroleague – snake talk – taught usIn a double challenge against the Spanish national team, high-level squads and with all the squad available, the Vipers were.Not very decisive forward, it gradually fizzled out, even if the commitment was definitely not there“.
Archived today, now everything is resetThe adventure continues with other exciting matches of the sons of President Fabio Forte:And then we’ll see. Another day, another story. all to live“.

Asiago Vipers - Europa League 2023 - Hornets Paisley - Molina Sport - Daniel Facchinetti Gianluca Stella

L’The last challenge for snakes in a group Eligible Scheduled afternoon in 2 p.m (Update: about 20 minutes delay due to extra time and penalties from the previous match) against the French Les Fous du Bitumen Villeneuve Which will decide the fate of the Vipers, followed by the semi-finals and the fifth and seventh place group.

The event is live

to see it all Live results and statistics Just log in to this site.

compression throttle Molina Sports Who skates “in a thousand hours”, does not leave time and space for our children, dashing in front of Stella. The 40-year-old, the sole ‘survivor’ of the Vipers’ last appearance in the 2010 Champions League, was immediately sought after by several Baldwins and Mooneys. Which is exactly the two-star and planner, when counterattacking, to sign the advantage with an easy touch, practically into an empty net. The Vipers try to fight back, but it’s hard against the Spanish champions. The double is done by Baldwin who burns everyone from center on time, “piercing” our “Sioca” who gets applause soon after always on the American. The third goal comes again at the beginning of the second half: the puck is lost, Edouard Kabalin hits Sobre and serves Mooney, who scores from two steps. There’s lots and lots of Molina on the track: Baldwin crosses, then Perez Moreira, from close range, who scores 0-4. The Vipers’ power play arrives to break Molina’s dominance: Rodgero and Tessari (the crossbar) have good chances, but they don’t pass. On the contrary, before the break it was still the yellows and blues who scored through Perez Moreira and the Czech Andrešek.
The second half seems to be a continuation of the first, and rather, no. Coached Rigoni’s boys continue to skate, without splitting, and to fight with pride. And so the goals of Chivaux arrived, ready to pick up the rebound after a long shot from Spiller, and an excellent technique from Mateo Rossito that surprised Gonzalez, who took over from Torredera Castro at the end of the first half. It’s not over yet: a counterattack led by Tessari, “chocolate” by Lazzari who scores 3-7. In the first final, Baldwin punishes defensive agility by Simoncino Bertel by displacing Facchinetti (who recently entered Stella’s place), then, in a power play, Alessandro Rossito sends another assist from “Lello” into the net. The match ends 4-8, and they end up facing one of the “big boys” in the Euroleague.

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Spaniards Tres Cantos, last year’s finalists in La Liga, lead the game from the start, but all the risks for coach Luca Rigoni’s men are not many: two attempts to the stars and the “ferret” Di Martino and Capa, elected best player at the end of the race. The match opened with a penalty kick, which would have been entirely avoidable, which was leveled by Berthoud. The Vipers’ penalty kick was effective, but they were breached after 2′ with a Kappa shot that took advantage of the ‘traffic’ in front of the goal. An attempted reaction goes by hinting at Lazzari finally getting Canadian Teed. However, the number 80 is taken from the penalty spot, again converted by the Iberians: cutting by Bernabéu, deflection in front of goal by Sen Arome. The game of power also comes in favor of the orange players, ideas and solutions are missing and there is also a danger for Buck de Martino. The last emotion of the first half comes from Lazzari, who broke the bar.
The founders plan a virtual comeback already at the start of the second half: Caba pulls, Facchinetti saves, no one “sweeps” and the number 21 picks up the rebound and makes it 3-0. The downhill race is heating up for the dominant Tres Cantos team, stretching with two goals from Villaverde and one from the usual Caba. Facchinetti exits, Stella enters, and Calderon promptly recalls him. The boys fight, but the energy and clarity remain in the red for a while. A final round of applause for DiMartino’s goal, which jumped the Vipers half, throwing Stella and the bags, and for Calderon’s deflection of the pinpoint cut into Sin Arumi’s far corner.

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Results of the second day


current ranking


Snake calendar


Saturday 22/04

Semi-final rounds:
19:00 – the second against the third
21:00 – the first against the fourth

Group for fifth place:
20:00 – fifth against sixth (Runway No. 2)

Sunday 23/04

14:00 Third last place
18:00 Final first place

Group for fifth place:
11:00 – Sixth vs. Seventh
16:00 – the fifth against the seventh

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