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Hockey in the line, Scudetto semi-finals – Sports

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The Ferrara Warriors start off strong, but then let HC Milan outrun and outsmart them. In the first game of the Scudetto semi-final, a good performance from Ferrara is away, which goes to a double advantage, then succumbs to the strength of the hosts 4-2. The events of the match, which was held on Wednesday evening, witnessed the start of the boys coaches Andrea Bellini and Alessio Crivelari immediately. In the first half little more than a minute of passes and Crivelari took the advantage, a match in which you see HC Milan rush to attack, some of which are saved by a crucial Ferrara goalkeeper Perozzi. However, the Warriors find a double advantage at 16 minutes when Frenchman Duchmin’s Andrea Bellini hits the Milan goalkeeper.

A few moments of the siren sounding, HC Milano cuts short with Fiala. In the second half, the hosts showed their strength, in the seventh minute with a tie with Banchero, the match was fought and after a good save by Peruzzi, HC Milano advanced in the 13th minute with Hodge, while less than two minutes from the end the fourth goal for the hosts comes with Vindrama.

The match ends with the final score 4-2 for Milan. Thus, a series of semi-finals starts upwards. Wednesday’s match showed that Este’s team intends to play until the end, albeit aware of Milan’s strength and squad.

The semi-final calendar anticipates the second race tomorrow in Ferrara at 18.30 at the rink “Giorgio Borani”, where the Warriors will try to confirm the good performance shown in Milan, where they play to achieve a positive result. The stated goal of Este training is to get to the end of the streak. According to the results, the following dates were set for May 4 in Milan, May 7 in Ferrara, and last May 11 in Milan. The winner of this series will challenge one between Diavoli Vicenza and Vipers Asiago, the other semi-finalist. At the end of the two series, the final will determine the winner of the 202122 Italian Inline Hockey Championship.

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