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Canada increases budget for NORAD

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The US Department of Defense has welcomed Canadian defense’s intention to increase spending on NORAD, the North American defense system.

The Canadian Defense Minister said last June that Canada intends to make significant investments in the modernization of the US Air Defense Command and Continental Defense.

Canadian defense plans to invest about $40 billion over the next twenty years.

Priorities include improving situational awareness, including developing over-the-horizon (OTH) radar sites to improve Canadian airspace coverage and monitor northern approaches to North America; Additionally, command and control (C2) systems will be modernized to better and more timely use of data to enable more effective military operations.

The Royal Canadian Air Force will develop new long-range air-to-air missiles and improved and expanded in-flight refueling capabilities and upgrade NORAD air bases and platforms.

Finally, Canada will make substantial R&D investments in science and technology programs.

Photo by Lockheed Martin

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