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Songster Records in association with Client Scout e-Entertainment is pleased to announce the signing of Buck Engham also known as Buckingham to the Songster Records label. Buck Engham submitted three demos to Songster Records, each contained an entirely unique sound and style, however, each song maintained a rhythmic background beat that Rock "n" Roll is notorious for.

There was no doubt in anyone's mind whether or not Buckingham would become a Songster, the only question that remained was what genre would Buckingham be classified under? After much research, both the branding and marketing divisions of Branding The Planet and Marketing The Globe agreed Buck Engham's sound fit a style of music classified as "Capriccio", which is normally reserved for that of the Opera, however, the decision was made and an entirely new genre of Rock 'n' Roll was born. Buckingham had given birth to a completely new genre of Rock 'n' Roll called Capriccio Rock. Press Release - Oct 25, 2012

Buck Engham was born in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada and is currently residing in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Although his mother tongue is French Canadian, over the years Buck became fluently bilingual due to the vast quantities of English written books and biographies he has read as well as listened to numerous English speaking movies and music. Being a consummate musician, Buckingham finds it relaxing to research musicians and bands from every style, era and culture that he is able to retain while extracting influences to create the unique sound that caused Songster Records to crown Buckingham"The King of Capriccio Rock". Capriccio Rock, Caprice Rock or Cap Rock as defined by is merely a masterfully performed short lively style of music that is free in form and does not follow regular guidelines in terms of genres, yet can still be classified as rock because of it's upbeat tempo along with the familiar sounding instruments which are typically found in Rock 'n' Roll.

As a child, Buck's induction into the world of music was in the form of piano lessons, however, young Buck had more interest in becoming a singer than a pianist. In his early teens Buck's parents attempted enrolled him in singing lessons; Buck found the lack of structure to be too informal and stopped attending after only two lessons. At 15 years of age, Buck picked up a guitar for the first time and taught himself to strum to the rhythm of his own vocal styling, which interested him a great deal. At 18 years of age, Buck Engham enrolled in a classical singing program held at Quebec Post Secondary School (CEGEP). There he learned to read music and sing opera. Prior to graduation Buck withdrew from the program in pursuit of real world, hands on experience and for his second passion, travelling.

Buckingham has written, produced and recorded a series of songs, each with it's own unique sound, yet they are all bound together with a common theme which tells the story of a man with an unsatisfying and unfulfilled life who meets a women at a party who befriends him as well as beguiles him. She convinces him to leave his past and change his career to that of an artist, only to be swindled by the woman whom he perceived to be his one chance at true happiness. He is then forced to face the ugly truth that he has thrown his former life away and is left with only bitter memories, a drained bank account and the realization that he only has himself to blame. He must now find the courage to carry on and rebuild his life. From mental conception to being actually ready to record maytake months and in some cases even years before Buck Engham is ready and able to recreate faithfully what his mind's eye has conceived. It is for this reason, once Buckingham begins recording the entire process may only take a sleepless day or two due to the fact that every minute detail has already been thoroughly thought out, leaving only the actual performance to record. founded in August, 2012 continues scouting the globe seeking to represent, present and distribute the material from common people who possess uncommon talents. Only 98 remaining slots in the genres as follows: Rap / hip hop, jazz, blues, reggae, pop, capriccio rock, classic rock, hard rock, punk rock, country, classical music and stand up comedy. Upon being discovered SongsterRecords.comwill utilize all the divisions of and the preexisting digital media network to advertise, brand, market; create and deploy a public relations campaign as well as distribute the chosen independent artists digital audio singles, records and albums in over 100 countries with no up front fees or out of pocket expense for the independent artists being represented.

Songster Records in association with Client Scout e-Entertainment are proud to represent and distribute the works of independent artists suck as Buckingham"The King of Capriccio Rock". Discover what we have discovered or perhaps even become discovered at "Where The Music Becomes You".


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