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Press Release: Narconon Arrowhead Takes In Stranded

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The Canadian province of Quebec shut down the Scientology Rehab center, Narconon Trois-Rivieres on Friday, April 13, 2012 following a lengthy investigation. At a press conference on April 17, 2012, the Health and Social Services Agency stated they feared for the safety of the residents. The Scientology rehab center failed to meet 42 of the 55 criteria required to be certified, of which 26 were a high risk factor to vulnerable patients.

The Health agency ordered that all activities cease immediately and the 24 remaining patients be relocated to other locations. Seventeen were transferred to Narconon in the United States, with Narconon Arrowhead, one of the largest remaining Narconon centers taking in some of the stranded patients.

To many, it seems strange that patients or their sponsors would even consider accepting a transfer to another controversial Narconon Scientology rehab center. The Health Ministry spokesperson, Lacour, stated, “For sure, if we came to this conclusion (about Narconon), we worry about what may be happening elsewhere,” Lacour said, adding Narconon has been banned in France.

Colin Henderson checked himself into Narconon Arrowhead on July 18, 2007 and soon experienced the non-existence of qualified medical staff. Although Colin asked, then demanded his blood pressure medication, the staff rejected his requests, telling Colin to give their vitamin concoctions time to work.

Colin left Narconon Arrowhead on August 1, 2007, with a now published story, stating, “I came to Narconon to get off drugs, not to have Narconon attempt to re-wire my brain in order to reform to their way of thought. I have a very strong mind. I will never allow anyone to attempt to control my mind. I think for myself, I have a great set of morals instilled in me by my mom, and I will fight someone tooth and nail if they try to take that from me, it will never happen. This is who I am.”

Colin Henderson’s traumatic experience at Narconon Arrowhead is a small sample of countless mistreatment and patient abuse in the hands of a detoxification center that practices and indoctrinates vulnerable victims into their cult’s religious beliefs.

As the Quebec Government clearly stated, Narconon is a danger to the health and safety of patients. In 1984, a 34 year-old French woman named Jocelyne Dorfmann died from an untreated epilepsy crisis while undergoing treatment at a Narconon center in Grancey-sur-Ource (near Dijon). The assistant-director of that center was sentenced for lack of assistance to a person in danger and the Narconon center was closed. In Italy, a 33-year-old Italian female patient of the Narconon center in Torre dell'Orso died under similar conditions in 2002.

When the State of Oklahoma examined Narconon's therapeutic methods in 1991, its reporting team noted the risks caused by Narconon's bad science:

There is credible evidence by way of witness testimony and review of Narconon charts which reflect that there were patients who had psychiatric problems who were taken off of their previously prescribed psychiatric medication who did not do well and subsequently developed psychiatric problems. This evidence indicates a lack of safety and effectiveness in connection with the program.

The Narconon program presents a potential risk to the patients of the Narconon program that delayed withdrawal phenomena such as seizures, delirium or hallucination that are occasionally seen several days after cessation of drugs such as benzodiazepines, may be misinterpreted by Narconon's non-medical staff as the effect of mobilizing the drug from fat during the sauna sweat-out procedure period. There is also a potential risk that the reported re-experience of the abused drugs' effect during the sauna sweat-out program may be the result of misinterpreted symptoms of hyperthermia or electrolyte imbalance.

David Edgar Love



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Author: Mary McConnell
Apr 18, 2012
Kudos to the Quebec Health and Social Services Agency for shutting down this unsound and dangerous program.

How many more people have to become ill or die from this program before the whole kit and kaboodle are closed down?
Lets hope the Narconon facilities in the USA are next.

Thank you David love and other former ptients who have helped bring this facility to justice. Thank you for alerting the public.

Author: Sue
Apr 20, 2012
What a great job of exposing this and the connection to the Church of Scientolgy, this certainly seems very wrong to me. I think more exposure to this serious issue is needed.

Thank you David

Author: Tom
Apr 24, 2012
Naconon is no different than other religion based rehab and help programs. When applied properly within safe limits and supervision the narconon program is very effective.

Problems have only existed when the lack of proper budgeting at narconon centers creates a lack of qualified staff. The church has made no effort to hide the connection between the church and narconon. The program does not work for everyone and you should research whatever help you may want for addiction and come to your own conclusions.

I do not believe that the government has the right to dictate who can get treatment from whom and in what form.

Author: Sue
May 04, 2012
Wake up Tom and do your homework!

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