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Press Release: Canel's Gum Vending Machine Business now Offered Throughout Canada by Change Is Good Vending

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The Introduction of the CANEL’S GUM Vending Machine Program by Change Is Good Vending is an exciting way for an individual to get involved in the Multi-Billion Dollar Vending Market on a small safe level with the opportunity to grow.

Change Is Good Vending Group has the best programs available and they will customize a program to fit your needs. They will then tailor the best program employing a successfully and practical approach to starting your own successful profitable vending business. Vending is recession proof, it has broad market appeal, and it is a year round business with minimal inventory and overhead. Vending offers flexible hours, tax benefits and best of all high profit margins.

Canel’s was founded in 1925 producing candies, chocolates and chewing gum.

Canel’s started exporting its products back in the 1940’s and established a business that made Canel’s the Top Selling chewing gum in Mexico.

High brand recognition among the Hispanic population:

Canel’s has over 80 years of brand leadership in the Hispanic market, and is the most recognized Mexican gum in the U.S.

First Hispanic Confectionery item located in the regular U.S. Chewing Gum Market.

Appropriate flavors for every ethnic group

Big profits margins!

With each .25 Cent vend from one of your machines your customer will receive one - 4 pack of the great tasting Canel’s Chewing Gum. The gum comes in 7 delicious flavors. Peppermint, Violet, Tutti-Frutti, Spearmint, Cinnamon, Menthol, Blueberry, are all the original very popular flavors.

No matter what the economic climate is, people enjoy chewing gum and need the benefits of fresh breath.

1. VENDING is strictly a cash business.

2. Each day over $123 million is put into vending machines.

3. Every day 7 out of 10 people will do business with some kind of vending machine.

4. The business can be started with a small investment and can gradually be expanded to any desired income.

5. There is very little overhead. A distributor can operate from home and pay only a small commission to the location owner!

6. The distributor is his or her own boss and can work as they please.

7. Vending machines are Silent Salesmen that demand no wages and require only restocking of fresh supplies on a regular basis.

8. Vending is potentially a dependable, profitable and pleasant business.

9. Vending machines do not cater to one class.

10. Vending is virtually recession-proof as nationally advertised products are always in demand.

11. Self-employment tax benefits enhance profits.

12. There is no waiting six months to a year to build up the business. Vending machines begin producing income the very first day they are stocked and on location.

Because of the high quality of the Canel’s Chewing Gum, the attractiveness of the Canel’s Gum Machine, and the constant demand for fresh breath and chewing enjoyment, it should be fairly easy for you to place your machines in quality locations. We have provided a list of possible locations below.

You will learn about the best locations and how to secure them from the coaching program provided.

If wanted, we can connect you with a list of professional location companies that will assist in securing your locations.



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