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Press Release | Environment

Press Release: Life without Air, War and Energy

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How can we all save earth?

We need your help while you can benefit financially. No strings attached.

Why we need your help;
Firstly our Dedication;
Through our love for others. We have dedicated our life (since 1980) to doing this research for the benefit of my children and the human races survival.
We have never put money ahead of others in this research.
Our love for others far exceeds the life style we could be living.
This energy is needed now. When we cannot wait for the scientific professionals and others to finally reach a conclusion they have always reached. Saying, "Not possible." or  "Perpetual power is not possible." Hog wash!
When it is a known fact to exist? Why do we use this energy in every thing we do?  Only using it's effects! Just to satisfy our present needs only as a human race when we can have a much better use for this energy in our lives.
We will give you a very small brief about this energy and what and why we in this world have not this energy available to us.
Think about this, Can you live without oil? Or can you live without water? When it's oil that has become the worlds worst polluter!
Over taking the rights to have living waters with wildlife in them.
Do you want to become a fossil in time or exchanging Oil for water?
Do you or a Loved one  have?
"Stress, Anxiety Or how about Cancer"
  First you need to know the reasons why we need this energy.
The number one problem, from the air we breath which is contaminated with CO2 emissions.  From factories and oil refineries as you travel all countries. This is not normal for life to exist!
Polluting our skies and the air we breath. All burning some form of fossil fuels to heat and to be used in a manufacturing process.

How often? Do we see or hear about tankers in the sea or on land
that leaves the soil and waters contaminated for years.
Does an oil spill in the sea kill the wildlife that lives in the water?
How long before it will recover?
What happens to the animal life that is exposed to this pollution?
Will this leave us with a world void of life?
Have you heard of Nuclear waste?
It has to be stored for CENTURIES before it has lost it's radioactivity.
Nothing lives withing limits and controlled conditions. Death is guaranteed when you try to live in it's confines! Try it some day. Put on a suit to protect yourself and see how long you enjoy the contamination. When you cannot do anything else. You can't feel a thing or touch another. FACT!

Are we supposed to love this living with this type of pollution in our society? No NEVER!
Have you seen and listened to all the scientists world wide complaining "we have to stop Global warming, Climate change."
The talk is frequently about the polar caps melting and a hole in the Ozone layer above this earth.
Should we have and want to destroy our life ship this earth?
Do you want your children to have a much cleaner earth than what we are seeing?

We can have an earth with not one bit of pollution from oil or fossil fuels. (CO2 emissions) Nuclear power, Wind Chargers, Coal fired generating plants, Hydro plants from damming our waters taking up good soil for growing and wildlife, solar powered generators that cost a fortune that we cannot afford to buy)

You have probably heard, "You can not patent a perpetual motor"

What this means that all the professional (research scientist)
have not been able to disclose the function of how to retrieve
the energy contained in a magnetic field.

What did they do? They reverted away from all research
in this field of energy. As it is to well hidden from all research scientist.

Have you heard of the big accelerator they built in Europe?
One purpose they have for this, is to try to prove if there
 is a mono poled magnetic field. This is where they have come to with their research.
But unfortunately when they do or do not discover if this field
exists. What will they do? Go back to doing research the old fashioned way, and start all over again? Where we started in January of 1980. 

But we are not your usual research scientist.
All these persons that have attempted to figure this energy out
get paid for their services. Do we? Not one cent, and can you believe, we started this search in January of 1980, with an I.E.E.E. education.

Now if you ask does this energy exist? Definitely it does.
This is a known fact. We use it in every mode and example
 of electrical and electronic device known to man.
This is the energy that all the laws of physics run on. (Only using the effects)
Besides did you know there is a motor that proves the existence of this energy? Because of it's dis functional Flaw we will not discuss it.

We ask how long will it take the scientific world to catch
up to our research? Well if your getting paid, Will it take them about 2 times longer? When you consider they get paid, and we are dedicated (without pay) to unraveling this energy and it's correct function.  Who has the real love in their heart for others?

Have we achieved anything in our research? Definitely we have.
And it took a long time before we found this.
But ask us what it is, we reply, "we may have found 2 laws in physics that have been misunderstood and over looked. Your so brilliant you research it with efforts of love."

Now if we were to give this information out to other researchers,
There is a possibility that if they were to figure this energy recovery system. Will It get out to the public and or end up in some wealthy person keeping it for them selves? And who would be the only ones to benefit? Which means you would be a looser.
This energy must come for the benefit of all if we are to save our environment.
 In addition to why we need this energy in the near future?
Have you considered what would happen if there was little or no oil, or any sort of fossil fuels available to us?
You may say this will never happen. But in actual fact this will happen suddenly. The question is when?
Is it possible that the ground can shake violently to disrupt the oil well supplies from the ground. Did you know they are expecting a major earth quake on one coast in excess of 9 and where else. Think that will not affect those inland. You better think again. How big of a tidal wave will this cause? "Tsunamis or bigger across the oceans?" History can repeat it's self and is going to do it again soon!
Then what about if a war breaks out? (Just check out, "will war break out world wide" on the Internet) Think this will not happen?  
Then who will have oil?  "NOT!" you or anyone! They will need it for defence of their war machines, But after the fact, what will you find for energy? Definitely not oil or gas products.  In a war, The first place they will hit is all refineries and hydro plants.  Energy as you know it will be gone!
Except for the Government and military, The ones who are so reluctant to show their faces (government officials) when they set off a blatant chain of events! While you, we and others who cannot afford to hide, get bombarded with their stupidity of war machines!
But you say it won't matter, "we'll all be dead or gone!" Got news for you. The fools that lead this world will cause this world to wobble from a few nuclear blasts. And the ground shaking will cause them to cease their aggression. Will it cause the Continent's to break up before they cease their stupidity? Yes!
That means life will continue to exist.
Although some life will be lost. But if that's you or your children, that survive.  Would you want them to have free energy? Or live in the good old days of horse and buggy. (WITHOUT!)
Some thing we do not enjoy now, As we are all living in bondage to asses of big business. governments and religious leaders (jihad) of destruction. Who all want to impose their beliefs on you.

You want to live, and so do those who are hurting now because of high energy costs.
So for those of you who are concerned about job loss of the present. Should not let this hinder you for the future benefits,
We know you would not want anything to come between your earning an honest dollar and keeping your family alive with all it's amenities.
But what is worse? You having to choose between a dollar and the life of your family? We have honestly expressed the causes why we need this energy now. For the life of your family and you. Time will run out!
 Especially when it may be your children that may be the only ones in the future, and not you. Then what will come of them if there is no energy? Would you like to see them live in horse and buggy days of gone buy or a cleaner and better world free of bondage to big business? Free also of air pollutants that produce CO2 emissions? A number one CANCER product and of STRESS and ANXIETY!
Now consider additional reasons why we need this energy.
As long as we have a select few of wealthy persons wanting to keep raising their income, Will the price of energy and fossil fuels keep Climbing? Definitely, pushing poverty on many for their love of wealth.  (They should be ashamed of them selves!) We have seen costs rise slowly, but wait until it's to late and the cost of fuel goes through the roof! Who will be able to afford to live without it? May be you but consider those who will not be able to afford to heat their homes and do you think that will help you? No, because there will be many people who will steal from you and anyone else they can see has got some thing they can use "it will be gone!" with or without your approval.  Try and sleep.
Is that what you want? Never to sleep trying to hang on to what little you will have? You may have to physically fight your way to save what little one has. Should we consider it better to give up the idea to hold on to what is destroying our world? Eliminate fossil fuels before it's to late and we will have more. What did they say about computers, and robots? Life can only get better!  They say "It's better to give"---up oil --- to receive a better blessing!
..............................<wbr />..............................<wbr />.......................
Before it's to late!
Would you like to help expand this research and gain some financial benefit as promised?
Our need is to find people willing to pick up unwanted recyclable items (copper, brass and all non Ferris metals) in your community and to donate a portion to our research?
We are presently trying to achieve a tax deductible receipt.
And have been told it may take approximately 9 months to 1 year.
Please enquire
CMA energy research,
%D Chura
Box 67, Baldwinton, SK.
Canada, S0M0B0
306 398 2379
or if you wish only to donate directly to our research.
Please send directly to the same address as above.
Thank you
D Chura 
306 398 2379

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