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More Clues to Decode "The Mentalist" Mystery

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The hit CBS TV show The Mentalist, shown in Canada on CTV, is full of riddles, mysteries, and anagrams connecting the show to a shocking side of Roman history most people don't know.

The truth about Bret Stiles, the "Visualize" cult leader, and Brett Partridge, the forensics expert so many fans think is Red John, has finally been solved! The following study explains it all! But first, how to decode BRET STILES and BRETT PARTRIDGE:

Gaius Julius Caesar Strabo = Gnaeus Pompeius Strabo

To decode Bret Stiles, who represents the white-haired elderly father of Julius Caesar and Pompey the Great in ancient Rome, you have to use steganography, a code-breaking technique where you simply get rid of the debris to tease out the hidden message. It is one of the most secure methods of writing codes, because it can only be deciphered by people who already know what types of words might be hidden. Bruno Heller has altered a few letters, but the truth is plain to see!

xxxx S   xx LI xx   xxx S xx  xTRAB x

S LI S TRAB reversed is

BART S IL S or BRET STILES (a "stile" is a set of steps used to walk over a Roman wall in Britain)

To decode Brett Partridge, who represents Octavius, (according to the new study excerpted below, his real name would have been Gaius Julius Caesar Strabo the eighth) Caesar's gay lover who helped him butcher Caesar's daughter Julia in 54 BC, then gave Octavius the baby she was pregnant with to raise as his own daughter Julia (Remember the two gay guys who stole Elaine's armoir on the street in the Soup Nazi episode of Seinfeld? Then the Soup Nazi, as Caesar, gave her another baby/armoir, but after he got angry at her, she threatened to tell everyone his secrets. Wait, does this mean Gaius was guarding the BABY or the TOWER in Britain? No, Larry david and Jerry Seinfeld must have been switching metaphors, using the armoir as the tower, but also as the baby, and also as the place where Julia found the documents that would allow her to claim her cement-company fortune) :

G x I xx xxxxxx    xxxxxx    x TRAB x x TRAB x

G I TRAB TRAB reversed is

BART BART I G or BRET PARTRIDGE (as others have pointed out, there is a work by William Blake, "A Brace of Partridge")

More proof that "The Mentalist" is secretly about the Roman Caesar family's role in the invention of Christianity!

[Note: I recently rewatched "Red All Over", and Bret Stiles seemed to be telling Patrick Jane, while still acting creepy so as to not blow his cover if Red John is watching, that he's going to help Patrick bring down Red John. As I'd already guessed that Bret Partridge is Brett Stiles' relative, now with the information below, it's clear that Octavius was Strabo's great-grandson. So is Bret Stiles the grandfather of Brett Partridge? It's good news for Jane if he is, because Strabo disapproved of Julius, so he wanted to help bring him down! The bad news for Jane is that Octavius helped kill Julia - that would be how that one guy knew Jane's wife's toenails were painted in blood! Brett Partridge was the friend of Red John's who told him! Because he helped kill Jane's wife! Octavius was Caesar's gay teenage lover, hence Brett painting her toenails.]

Excerpt of "New Study: Lives of the Rich and Famous Are Controlled by the A.C.F."

Certain family trees have clearly been “unzipped”, a way of subtly hiding the prevalence of first cousin, uncle to niece, and even sibling marriages within large aristocratic families. If one key individual, born from siblings, married to a niece, and then forcing their own grandchildren to marry, is given a disguised version of their true name and said to have come from a family whose specific members are unknown, a key incestuous link is removed. The missing person is then replaced by a similar name that is also missing specifics, a clue to elite scholars, says the study.

“Pompey, a member of the immediate family of Julius Caesar, is one of the more well-known examples of unzipping. When the ruling families of Rome decided to allow the Caesar family into their genetic circles to acquire their light hair and gray eye color, there was no limit to the inbreeding that occurred over the next few generations, as they were considered new blood,” claims the report, which states as its goal to increase public awareness as to why celebrity and political figures behave in such strange ways, undermining the public good while living in fear of horrendous potential consequences if they veer from their given agenda of promoting cultural values similar to those of ancient Rome, now that Christianity is being “set up for the fall” through A.C.F., which seems to trust that the “charitable” slave population Christianity was designed to create is secure.

“Julius Caesar’s father, referred to as both Gaius Julius Caesar Strabo and Gnaeus Pompeius Strabo, was married first to his niece Cornelia Sulla, resulting in Pompey the Great, Cornelia, and Pompeia, then eight years later fathered Julius Caesar by another wife. Thus Pompey was marrying his half-niece when he married Caesar’s daughter Julia, and Caesar twice married a half-sister, first Cornelia, the mother of Julia, then Pompeia. By removing Pompey and claiming two different paternal lines, it becomes a family guided by political alliances, rather than a sickening attempt to produce a blond royal prince at all costs.”

read the entire study at 


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