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Press Release: Susan Atie Advises the Community about Halifax Mortgage Decisions

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Mobile mortgage specialists Susan Atie works closely with community members to advise them about making the best Halifax mortgage decisions.

Susan Atie, mobile mortgage specialist with RBC, is serving her local community by providing information that will help people make the best Halifax mortgage decisions for their circumstances. With rates at historical lows, homeowners may currently be contemplating breaking their current mortgages to lock into new terms and take advantage of low interest rates, and Susan wants to make sure homeowners have all the information they need to make the right choice.

If homeowners have a closed mortgage, as most homeowners do, they will incur what is called a “pre-payment charge” if they break their mortgage. With open mortgages, homeowners can ay off the amount at any time without penalty, but because closed mortgages offer a lower rate for a fixed amount of time, the amount homeowners can pre-pay above their normal payments is restricted.

Susan encourages homeowners with a mortgage in Halifax that are contemplating this change to look closely at the penalty they will incur and weigh that against the potential savings that a lower interest could offer. In the end, the savings may not outweigh the penalty.

Each case is unique and should be explored individually. Susan recommends that homeowners contact their mortgage specialist to help them with this important decision.

To learn more about Susan Atie or for information about a Halifax mortgage, visit:

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