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Press Release: Lynn MacMichael Reveals Successful Networking Tips for the Holidays

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With the holidays just around the corner, Lynn MacMichael, president of Bconnected, reveals successful networking tips for local business owners.

With the holidays approaching, many business people have a hard time understanding how they can benefit from the plethora of holiday events and use that time not only for socializing but to grow their businesses. Bconnected president, Lynn MacMichael, reveals some successful networking tips that will help make this time of year a time or growth for business owners.

Lynn founded the organization Bconnected over two years ago to provide local business owners and salespeople with an opportunity to grow their businesses through networking. She makes it her business to teach the successful networking tips that everyone needs in order to learn the art and technique of networking.

The truth is that while the holidays might not be a great time for closing sales, they are a fabulous time for “filling your funnel” with prospective business partners and potential clients. The “secret” really is not a secret at all. Business people simply have to apply the same strategies they do throughout the year.

It is also important for networkers to remember that at each social event they are not only themselves but are representatives of their businesses, and they must act accordingly. Just as businesses can be destroyed by posting an inappropriate photo on Facebook, so can businesses be destroyed by acting inappropriately in a networking situation.

The holidays can be a fun and exciting time of year for building business. On the holiday event circuit, business owners and salespeople alike should keep the following successful networking tips in mind: “Be prepared, be yourself, listen, and embrace the spirit of the season!”

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