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Press Release: Don Connor Informs About Who Needs Halifax Accounting Services

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Don Connor of Connor and Associates offers educational information to help local residents and business determine whether they need the help of professional Halifax accounting services.

Don Connor of Connor and Associates is a Certified General Accounting who goes above and beyond standard financial services to educate clients and other local residents about all issues involved in financial planning. Don has recently been working to inform HRM small business owners with information about who benefits from Halifax accounting services so they can properly determine whether they need to hire professional help.

Many small businesses begin their journey without the help of professional Halifax accounting services. In some cases, business owners may have enough information to make this work successfully. However, there are many benefits to hiring a professional to help with financial planning.

Don Connor comments on several situations in which business owners should consider obtaining professional Halifax accounting services.

First, Don asserts that business owners who truly “want to give their businesses the best chance at success” should definitely hire an accountant. Without one, the “best chance at success” statistically becomes less of a chance.

Connor also explains that business owners who “want to minimize tax confusing and maximize tax deductions” should also hire an accountant. Completing and submitting taxes without professional assistance often leads to unclaimed expenses and incorrect submissions.

Small business owners who want to make “productive business decisions” would also largely benefit from hiring an accountant, as would those who want more time for themselves and their families. Connor assures local residents that accountants will assist in helping business owners reach both of these goals.

To find out more about Don Connor, Connor and Associates and professional Halifax accounting services visit:


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