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Press Release: No Heritage With Liberal Caucus

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No Heritage With Liberal Caucus

The BC Heritage Party calls for the immediate resignation of the Premier, and for the BC Liberal Government to do one good thing before they are voted out – implement Preferential Balloting.

No Heritage With Liberal Caucus

November 23, 2010

CRANBOOK, B.C. - The recent events of the Premier's reversal on the promised tax cuts and the disgraceful exchange between the Premier and his fired minister, Bill Bennett, has prompted The BC Heritage Party to call for the immediate resignation of the Premier, and for this Liberal Government to do one good thing before they are voted out – implement Preferential Balloting.

Preferential Balloting has some similarities to the BC-STV system that was narrowly defeated by voters last year in a referendum, but it is much easier to understand and fairer in its implementation. “If given the opportunity to use Preferential Balloting in the next provincial election, BC voters would never return to the current system of electing their MLA’s. They would insist on using Preferential Balloting for every future election in B.C.” says Heritage Party leader Wilf Hanni. “Preferential Balloting would result in a Government that acts in the best interests of the people of British Columbia because it is accountable to the voters of B.C.”, he added.

The Liberal Government has lacked accountability to British Columbians for many years now. The implementation of the HST, the reversal of the Premier's promise of tax cuts, and the departure of Liberal MLAs from the party, clearly send the message of a government in turmoil, and one of ignoring the people of the province.

“The Premier would do well to retire now, before there is any further damage to his tarnished reputation, and save BC from further suffering the consequences of his actions”, says Hanni.

Hanni reported that the BC Heritage Party has been assailed by numerous voters who have expressed a real concern about the future of British Columbia. He said the people are telling him they've lost confidence in the BC Liberals' ability to govern this province effectively, and they don't have confidence in the NDP or the BC Conservatives abilities either.

“The BC Liberals, Conservatives, and NDP are held captive to special interest groups. These voters want to support a new Party that will make government work effectively for British Columbians, and solve the real time problems caused by these incompetent politicians”, Hanni said.


Note to the Editor/News Director:

For further information on Preferential Balloting and the BC Heritage Party, interested media can contact:

- Party Leader, Wilf Hanni: 250-426-9807 | email

- Party President, Maria Dobi: 250-803-2075 | email


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