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Press Release: Frustrated With Life? Join The Silent Revolution to End Global Corruption

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An independent global fraud researcher has come up with an easy way for ordinary people to help end global corruption.

After two years of investigating secret conspiracies and global cults, Susan Maureen Brandt thinks she's found a way for ordinary citizens to quickly push world leaders and corporations toward real change.

Calling it the Silent Revolution because people can join in without risk or the embarrassment of drawing attention to themselves, her plan involves people simply not taking part in the things which she says there's clear and indisputable evidence are used to glorify and maintain the power of the Atlantean Brotherhood. Cited as the single force behind the Freemasons and other secret societies, the Catholic Church, all major religions and cultural movements, corruption in politics, education, and the entertainment industry, the group can be easily traced back in time through their control of a variety of ancient civilizations which resembled one another, bloodline information, and repeatedly encoded symbols which prove their existence is no myth or coincidence.

"Amazingly, it may be as easy as no one showing up for the opera or church. They are an intensely greedy bunch of people, and they have been quick to change their organizations in the past when they no longer proved profitable or popular, despite claiming a reverence for history and tradition, and a belief in divine providence."

Careful to avoid turning to other alternatives, as they are likely cult-produced as well, Brandt suggests people spend some time getting to know themselves a bit better and observing nature if they can. "A weed growing through a crack in the sidewalk has more integrity and honesty than anything currently celebrated or promoted in the modern world. It's important for people to take some time to try to grasp that, and yet not romanticize nature. It is what it is."

Brandt admits that it took her many months to fully grasp what a world of illusion the group has built. "From the letters of the alphabet as a picture-story bragging about their violent triumphs, to the shapes of buildings and the names of cars, we've all been badly fooled. Even the people inside the cult believe there's no escape or better way to live, but there clearly is. The system has only lasted because people have chosen to believe in it rather than face a plain and simple truth."

Hoping some time away from the influence of tv, newspapers, and technology will help people start to find their powerful inner qualities that society has tried to hide and weaken, Brandt suggests people keep an open mind to just how massive the global fraud is, as wildly strange or unbelievable as it may seem. "The Earth is a natural place. There are no kings or countries or magic potions. Those things are so imaginary, sort of like mental illusions. There's just nature and how it works, which can extend into the non-physical in seemingly magical ways. But humans are just a species of animal. We happen to have some interesting spiritual abilities in addition to our basic instincts for survival, but that doesn't mean we need dictators controlling us or toxic poisons making us jumpy or sleepy. Intuition and common sense and listening to one's own thoughts and feelings are just fine."

Brandt says she is starting to feel optimistic about the future. "While it's terrible the damage they've done to native cultures and the human population's awareness of their own history, all of the recorded, official, glorified lies about human civilization over the past 10,000 years seems to truly be just a weird, temporary blip that resulted from a single family group having brains that somehow got wired for traits which were overly aggressive and neurotic to the point of a functional insanity. Yet they were so single-minded and creative that they almost succeeded at structuring the world around them to fit their own crazy dysfunction. The rest of us have just been looking after our own lives and kind of let them start to take over. But it's clearly time for action, if only to get a visible reaction that proves to ordinary people that global fraud and secret cults are real. Then the solutions will fall into place, because there are so many smart, good-hearted people who want to help."

After raising awareness through articles and press releases for the past year, Brandt recently realized that she had yet to decide on a plan for what to do once people were convinced. When approaching insiders to become whistle blowers didn't work, she decided to set aside her own fear of authorities. "The emperor is not only wearing no clothes, he isn't even an emperor. He's just a guy. We all are. And we'd do just fine if we could get our heads out of all this noise and stress and craziness they surround us with. So that's the place to start. Anyone can do it, today. It's free, healthy, and puts the power in your own hands."

Susan Maureen Brandt has documented much of her research on her website, , and can be reached for questions and comments at "The Silent Revolution: Save the World Without Anyone Noticing" is completely copyright-free, and can be reproduced, printed, or sold for profit.

"The Silent Revolution: Save the World Without Anyone Noticing"

Keep going to work and doing your job.

Keep buying groceries and other things you need.

Keep spending time with your family and friends.

Stop buying newspapers, magazines, and books of any kind.

Don’t visit any monuments, historical sites, museums, libraries, government buildings, or famous tourist destinations.

Don’t go to performances, shows, sports, rallies, or other events where people clap and applaud or cheer.

Don’t go to church, attend religious services, or go on religious pilgrimages, unless you are afraid you’ll be hurt if you don’t.

Don’t watch tv, films, listen to music, the radio, or read books, and avoid technology as much as possible.

With all your free time, eat food that makes you feel good, sleep, take a minute to stretch your body, breathe deeply, or close your eyes and just be still. Walk slowly. Look at nature and feel how natural it is.

The last thing is the hardest to do.

Get to know yourself. You’re a special person, a one-of-a-kind. You have a brain, a body, and a soul. Get to know them. You might be surprised how entertaining it is to be a human being.


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