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South African-born Tsawwassen writer, Marie Warder who, according to Wikipedia, sold her first newspaper story at age 11, is perhaps best known for her groundbreaking book, the Bronze Killer—on the subject of Hemochromatosis—which earned her the Canada Medal of Honour, and which is said to save a life ‘somewhere everyday!’ She is, however, also an acclaimed and well-loved author of many novels, and, since immigrating to Canada, she has become well known for her ‘STORIES FROM SOUTH AFRICA series.

The genres of ten of the novels she has published in this series since 2003, including those in the trilogy known as The Beauclaire Saga (some consisting of more than 700 pages) have covered history, romance and even suspense. The latest, Penny of the Morning Star, described by the publisher as a ‘book for all ages’ is “The story of a girl reporter set in the nineteen-forties in a small town in what used to be known as the “Orange Free State” of South Africa, in the days before computers; long before word processors; long before electric typewriters.”

While this one is largely a book of fiction, some of the characters are based on real people, and some of the events did actually occur. It is also partly the author’s own story; that of a girl reporter who wanted so badly to be a journalist, that, if necessary, she would work for nothing - if only she could receive training for which her sister would not have to pay. According to Wikipedia, she was, before writing her books on hemochromatosis, already the author of 13 very successful novels; three of them used in South African schools. Many of her stories take place in and around newspaper offices. Recently stricken with a neuro-muscular disease that makes writing very difficult, she talked this one!


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