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Press Release: Parliamentary Debate For Provincial Oversight Of The OSPCA Coming Up On November 18

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Bill 50, passed in November of 2008, granted the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals sweeping new powers, including the right to warrantless entry. Accountability, transparency and oversight were not addressed. In 2009 the OSPCA collected $15.5 million in donations. May 2010 the OSPCA attempted to eradicate ringworm in their Newmarket shelter by killing 350 animals. The province freely admits it has no jurisdiction over the OSPCA.

Since September 13, 2010 over 55 legislative petitions calling for governmental oversight of the OSPCA have been presented in the Ontario Legislature.

On November 18th, the resolution below, tabled by MPP Frank Klees and endorsed by Tim Hudak, the leader of the provincial conservative party, will be debated in the provincial legislature.

That, in the opinion of this House, the Ontario Legislature call on the Government of Ontario to review the powers and authority granted to the OSPCA under the OSPCA Act and to make the necessary legislative changes to bring those powers under the authority of the Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services to ensure that there is a clearly defined and effective provincial oversight of all animal shelter services in the province, and to separate the inspection and enforcement powers of the OSPCA from its functions as a charity providing animal shelter services.

The one hour debate will be followed by a vote. All Ontarians are encouraged to come to Queen's Park to watch the debate. The exact time of the debate is not clear, therefore it is recommended that individuals plan to be at Queen’s Park in Toronto at the latest by 1:00 and to plan to remain until 4:30.

Pre-registration (for security reasons you only need to provide your name) is preferred via telephone 416-325-7316 or via email at .


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