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New Video Game Has Torture, Sex Rituals, and Path to World Domination

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A new video game is offering devoted gamers what they’ve always dreamed of, an epic adventure from cave man to corporate luxury, with no moral restrictions along the way. It’s getting great reviews and is sure to be a big seller this xmas.
Based on the “RED SNOW” comic book series, the game begins in North America before 40,000 BC with a bored Mohawk warrior roughing it through a cold snowy winter, hunting passing animals and battling neighboring tribes. After proving his mastery of native life, he moves on to ocean travel, building a raft and landing on Atlantis, which is lush with fruit and lacks predators of any kind.

Through repeated ocean crossings, he builds up his new island kingdom with women and allies, then he and his buddies begin traveling by boat to coastal Africa and Europe to steal supplies, and to South America for gold. Systems for taxing passing boats can be developed, as well as income from building prisons to house other lands’ most dangerous criminals, who can then be trained as warriors.

While the comic was based on pilgrims’ reports of an Eastcoast Indian who spoke English and claimed to have been taken by ship to Europe many times, the story has been updated to include cutting-edge DNA research coming out of CERN that traces the Inta racial-type from North America into the Mediterranean and the Middle East, before spreading slyly into Africa, Asia, and Europe, noticable for their large hooked noses, bulging eyes, narrow eggheads, and sadistic DNA.

After Atlantis gets hotter when a polar shift strikes in 40,000 BC, the race is on to find a way to conquer new territory before earthquakes and volcanos badly damage the chain of Atlantis islands in 30,000 BC. The Atlantean warriors are now recognized and hated for their red skin and evil ways by defenders of every other land, with the clock running out in 10,000 BC, when the new kingdom in Mesopotamia must be established in the delta lands surrounding the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.

From there, two main campaigns are launched, one to wipe out all other Atlantis survivors roaming the globe, as well as their mixed-race offspring, known as MonsterKillers, and the second to weaken and enslave as many Murian spiritual masters as possible, thus gaining their ability to do magic and incredible feats of the mind, called TrueWisdom.

Once the world is cleared of competing Atlanteans, and the Murian super-priests have been allied or weakened, breeding projects begin with abducted princesses of each race to produce disguised children. Once a city of thousands of royal mixed-race kids have been made, you enter the Biblical, Masonic, Phoenician, Arabic, Royal Asian, Russian, Turkish, Egyptian, Greek, or Asian Empire segments of the game. Wise players will have to combine historical strategy with unrelenting violence to allow the secret Atlantean Empire to ultimately conquer the world.

But it’s the unique secret missions that will give players a real taste of Atlantean supremacy. Side challenges include traveling to Pacific Island nations and trying to corrupt the peaceful, harmonious Murian natives by slaughtering the men and raping the women, then returning to torture the mothers and brainwash your own children into believing ridiculous religious beliefs you’ve made up yourself, get them killing each other to develop a taste for cannibalism rituals and thus insure societal instability forever, and train them to have sex with each other and to heartlessly mutilate their own future children for their own adult sexual pleasure, including the technique of splitting a boy’s penis open with a knife to make a hole and removing the girl’s clitoris for future pleasureless domination by men. The Inuit mission to kill the last native European giants, or Dorsets, in Greenland and eat their beating hearts will give a chilly thrill. Train an army of genetic clones to brutally murder loving families so you get the land the Creator made them to live on, and can build enormous castles using the slave labor of terrified survivors, complete with medieval torture chambers to slowly pull the flesh from the bones of outspoken protesters. Mess around with working systems of farming and land-sharing until people are starving all around you, then unleash horrendous viruses you’ve made in your own sick laboratory. Play with your own descendants’ minds by forcing them to believe in one version of reality while hiding the truth from them except in horror movies, which they will pay you to watch and leave lying around for their small children to be terrorized by, changing dreams into a life filled with nightmares. Fill entire cities of houses with magazines, dvd’s, and websites full of naked people loudly having sex constantly, so no one can manage to concentrate on raising their family or even have a quiet moment to think. Set up irresistible gambling casinos and make tax laws that no one can understand, so you will get back your investment from building their towns and paving their roads. Design noisy commercials and sly propaganda for PBS to show intelligent adults trying to better the world. Become a politician and hold orgies and drug-filled parties instead of wasting time making laws that make sense. Hold rigged elections and see your own photo on magazines. Spend your holidays at George Clooney’s villa with Hollywood celebrities and an assortment of babies and small children to have sex with, watched over by Dick Cheney and his lesbian daughter. Produce your own romantic comedy or Acadamy Award-winning incest drama that secretly honors the Atlantean history with cool metaphors about Julius Caesar training his children to be sex addicts and assassins, getting his daughter pregnant as a teen, cutting her open each time to make the baby born on just the right day for a promising horoscope, then her having a baby with her own son, calling it the Holy Grail, and inventing Christianity to fool everyone and waste their time while priests and ministers and Boy Scout leaders undress young boys and girls, gently lubricate their anuses and vaginas, and enjoy a camping trip the way Lord Baden Powell intended. Start your own Rugby team and rape the team with guns while forcing them to kill women and children and then eat their flesh like the founders of the Rugby school used to do in Fiji. Too modern? Time travel back with CIA time-travel technology (actually spiritual visualization, same dif) to the good old days of the royal palaces of Atlantean-occupied China and make Eunuchs to serve you by chopping off young boys’ whole penises and testicles so you’ll soon have loyal manservants you can trust not to rape your harem of multiple-abortion and diseased women (just ignore the smell of the urine dribbling out uncontrollably of both the Eunuchs and teens damaged by underage pregnancies) while you’re away setting fire to whole cultures and dancing on their charred flesh and laughingly writing Christmas hymns about the screaming cries of traumatized survivors as “angels singing” as God’s armies march on. Then take a seat on the city council and hand out candy canes as audiences applaud for you while picking out which poor children being sold by their parents you want to unwrap on Christmas Eve at your local Satan Worship get-together. Study the arts of turning human skin into lamps and books, and rendering holocaust victims’ fat into soap to clean off the blood after your next ritual slaughtering of a pregnant woman while raping her daughter and forcing her husband to watch, all to demonize blue-eyed blonds as “the bad guys”. Assassinate a celebrity or head of state and watch your picture get splashed across newspapers worldwide, then enjoy a quick trip to the back door of the prison to be whisked off by helicopter and entertained by admiring political leaders and the Pope himself. Enter the world of the Elizabethans and join the Shakespeare Workshop, inventing English words as you go. Write codes, lead the Masons, mislead billions of innocent people with crazy lies and manipulative tactics, and hear the applause! Become a Nobel Prize-winning scientist by lying about how “empty” Europe was when “Modern Man” arrived from “Africa” with taxation systems and languages with written letters that secretly tell the story of your group’s successful journey from nature-loving native to scheming Jew. Talk about cave paintings of Atlantean symbols as genius works of evolution, and call Neanderthals underpopulated idiots who didn’t know how to flake rocks right.

As the game moves into the modern era, there are many journeys to take and areas to develop. The alien invaders hoax leads to underground caves of human slaves to eat or torture while making fake films and developing torture methods to fake alien abductions while raping drugged victims and projecting holograms of cool spaceships onto the clouds over predominantly Catholic countries. The ancient prophesies section lets you choose from hundred of real-life prophesies and make them come true to terrify millions. Orchestrating mass cult suicides, or child sex parties with world leaders, singing encoded rock anthems while shooting concert-goers, holding pregnant women and deformed babies hostage in underground bunkers for genetic experiments, performing surgeries on wide-awake victims by using the right combinations of drugs and electric zappers, the possibilities are endless. And once the game is mastered, the fates of millions of people decided at the declaration of fake wars will satisfy your blood lust for centuries to come. Or at least a day or two!


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