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Press Release: Ancient Sex Cult Secretly Running Government, Public Assistance Sought

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An 18-month investigation has revealed links between an ancient sex cult and all levels of government worldwide. The public is being asked to research their own town or municipal politics for telltale signs.

The independent researcher helming the project, Susan Maureen Brandt, was surprised last year when her investigation into global fraud led her to realize her own small town was founded by a man who was both a Catholic and a Freemason. This was said to be rare, and his family tried to hide the fact at the time of his death, refusing the offer of a Freemason funeral for a Catholic one instead.

Brandt had been searching for evidence of how it may have been possible for a single family group, emigrating from North America to the Mediterranean region as far back as 12,000 years ago, by way of a mid-Atlantic penal colony located along a series of volcanic islands now only visible underwater as the Atlanic Ridge, to quietly invade Europe and other continents over the past few thousand years, ending up in control of global politics.

When she took a break from her work late one night for a stroll through town, she stumbled across a new historical plaque and found her answer. As long as each town had a founder who belonged to the family cult under one of its many guises, she realized, and was watching over how the development of the town proceeded while choosing cult members to be successors, everything from building codes and permits to own business could be strictly controlled, along with the actions of police, judges, religious leaders, politicians, and wealthy aristocratic philanthropists.

Further, the presence of missionaries wandering through unsettled land was likely a form of tactical spying. They could report on the beliefs, knowledge, and racial make-up of local native tribes and decide if they posed a threat, as well as making decisions about trade routes and town sites. If they had previously received training in the ancient sex cult's beliefs and symbols, said to be centered around sun-worship, violent blood-rituals, and the use of invented religions and horrific sexual practices to control conquered populations, they could simply choose from among local terms for future names that would seem to be honoring the native people's language while secretly encoding the cult's unseemly history. For example, many American states have names which mean "red", a key symbol which links the cult's control of politics to its hereditary monarchies, blood rituals, ancient physical appearance, encoded art, and the modern worlds of entertainment, celebrity, and fashion, all important forms of continuing devotion to the group's belief in themselves as gods or demi-gods who deserve to rule over and enslave all others, at any cost to human well-being or the state of the Earth's natural environment.

Brandt is hoping to compile evidence on the role of Freemasonry, Catholicism, and other sex-cult offshoots in the founding of towns and cities, and is especially interested in finally connecting these groups to a planned strategy of demoralizing and damaging native groups and immigrant workers through the intentional sexual use of children in churches, synagogues, temples, schools, Boy Scout troops, and other organizations, along with the practice of establishing orphanages and residential schools to allow for the long-term sexual training of small children and young adults.

Cultural training to gradually increase parental acceptance of public sexual performance and the sexualization of children, sex outside of marriage, infidelity, divorce, teenage babysitting, daycare, and schooling itself seem to have been integral in widening the effects and ongoing recurrence of the sexual abuse and overall emotional damage to the general human population, making the cult insiders' own neurological inability to establish healthy family bonds, and the sexual use of their own children, appear as random yet normal forms of deviant human sexual behavior, which new evidence shows it is not.

Rather, these principles were pushed into re-existence to arrive just in time for the 2000th anniversary of Julius Caesar's rule, culminating in the planned arising of Christianity as a Roman-invented hoax and behavior-control device, as the Roman rulers play-acted the Fall of the Roman Empire, in truth choosing to gradually relocate to the luxurious walled-city of Byzantium or Constantinople in Turkey (the basis for God resting on the seventh day, i.e., after 6000 years of active invasions, these self-proclaimed gods "rested" for 1000 years) until their new European palaces and Roman Catholic cathedrals were ready for them to occupy after 1000 AD, once the blue-eyed blond-haired natives of Europe had been successfully eradicated or subdued through campaigns of destruction, disease, and horror. Roman orgies, unrestricted intoxication, and Caesar's own use of his children as sexual property, along with the encouraging of incest and gay sex as combined means to control bloodline purity, have all been celebrated and honored unwittingly by ordinary people during the global turn towards a more Roman-style society.

Meanwhile, low-tech farming and hunter-gatherer methods of sustainable survival have been deemed "stone-aged" and "primative", and have been successfully removed from children's education to create a population unable to live off the land for free as humans have for more than 100,000 years. Everything from mass pollution and frenetic celebrity gossip have sought to reach the sex-cult's goal of an easily controlled, and neurotically distracted, slave state.

Susan Maureen Brandt can be reached through her website,  or by emailing her at  . Please mark research items with the subject line "Town Origins Project". All information will be treated as  confidential, though Brandt admits she has begun receiving threats because of her work and suspects her e-mails are being monitored.



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Author: Murphy Stoffelis
Nov 26, 2010
Ancient Sex Cult Secretly Running Government, Public Assistance Sought
Brandt is hoping to compile evidence on the role of Freemasonry, Catholicism, and other sex-cult offshoots in the founding of towns and cities...

I'd like to see the supported documented evidence of any thing that could possibly connected to this.

You are kidding, correct?

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