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Press Release: List of Top Questions Released for Public Inquiry into Toronto G20

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The members of “Canadians Demanding a Public Inquiry into Toronto G20” on Facebook have surpassed 72,000, including the main group, French group, and fan page. A volunteer created a Facebook application where members could create and vote on their top questions for a public inquiry.

A total of 168 questions were submitted, and the following 11 questions were voted as the most popular.

1. Why were the police forcing peaceful protesters out of Queen's Park on Saturday when that was the designated protest area? Why did they force them out of that area, where there was no windows to smash or cars to burn, up to Bloor where there were windows to smash and cars to burn? Why were they doing that with their time instead of tending to the car that was burning at the same time on Queen Street? Why did they not arrest the people using Black Bloc techniques red-handed, instead of waiting until the vandalism was over and the Black Bloc had taken off their disguises and integrated with the peaceful protesters?

2. Were special powers actually extended to police for the duration of the G20 summit? If so, what exactly were they? Why was there no debate in the provincial legislature? Why was the public not informed of these powers. If no special powers were granted to the police (as Chief Bill Blair is now stating), why was the public lied to when the Public Works Protection Act was used to justify arbitrary search, seizure and detention? Were police acting outside the law when demanding proof of identity, the right to search and detain people arbitrarily?

3. Why was the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms trampled on by the police through actions such as: Unwarranted searches, Intimidation to deter people from assembling, Arbitrary arrest, Detainment of innocent bystanders. Who is responsible for giving police orders to act this way? And why are officials at all levels of government denying any allegations of abuse of power by police, despite the thousands and thousands of outraged citizens? Who will bring justice to those responsible?

4. Why are police officers allowed not to wear a nametag? Why are police officers allowed to refuse to identify themselves when a citizen asks for their name?

5. I would like to see every dollar of the security budget accounted for in a detailed expense report.

6. Who were the men seen in numerous videos in plain clothes, with batons, arresting peaceful protesters and putting them in unmarked minivans?

7. How does the 'kettling' technique (surrounding protesters with riot police and blocking exit paths from the protest area) comply with the rights of Canadians as laid out in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms?

8. Will the tapes documenting the holding facilities be reviewed by an independent reviewer?

9. Why were members of the media cleared out of protest areas or in some cases, arrested?

10. Why were protesters blocked in and not allowed the option of leaving peacefully, especially those in designated protesting areas.

11. What were the reasons behind the orders sent to front line officers to 'stand down' when windows were being broken and cars were being torched, and who gave them?

Co-creator of the group, Rebecca Harrison, said she was encouraged by the high levels of participation. "The group members are obviously very eager to learn the truth. They have valid questions that they expect to have answered."

The Facebook group continues to grow as the members continue to press for a full public inquiry into the events leading up to and during the G20 summit in Toronto.

Facebook group:!/group.php?gid=135629036463012

Facebook group (French):!/group.php?gid=109381149111679&ref=ts

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