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Media Release: Oops! We've Done It Again!

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Oxigen Apps to release Version 2.0 of General Aviation Flight Tracker. Media Release (03/28/2018) - Oxigen Apps has done it again, and again, and again! We've updated our General Aviation Flight Tracker app's and website. As with any good software development company, we listen, we action and we release. Version 2.0 of General Aviation Flight Tracker will be released April 02, 2018, and it's better than ever; providing a cleaner interface, added features and a more robust website.

"Being a private pilot myself, I definitely see the need for such a tool"

We want to become the leader in general aviation tracking, so we are striving to take big leaps to get us there. In doing so, we have taken flight tracking to a new level. Not only can you track a flight, both from the app and the website, but now allow individuals to listen into on-board audio. That's right, this isn't an April Fool's joke. You can now stream live flight deck audio directly to the website.

Oxigen Apps has taken steps to clean up the initial interface to make it more useful, sleeker and definitely more functional. You can now see details about the flight, and ultimately - where the pilot profile is public - be able to see who is the pilot in command. "Being a private pilot myself, I definitely see the need for such a tool." adds Gorkem Yuksel, Founder and CEO of Oxigen Apps.

"... priceless for student pilots ..."

"Imagine being able to track your flight, record it for historical replay, and also listen to the in-flight audio for that flight. This is priceless for student pilots who wish to review any portion of their solo flights to help them become better pilots."

Oxigen Apps admits that live streaming of ATC audio is readily available by the likes of ATCLive.Net, but that only streams over the air radio communications. "What we aim to achieve here is the ability to capture all in flight audio, whether you are communicating over the air, or just with someone on-board. This has never been attempted, and is the first of its kind."

General Aviation Flight Tracker (GA Flight Tracker) is available FREE for both Android and Apple devices, and the website is compatible with both Desktop of mobile browsers.

Download for Android:

Download for iPhone/iPad:

General Aviation Flight Tracker Website:


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