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Press Release | United States

Press Release: RINJ Woman's Group Says Trump Invite to Duterte is Illegal

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United States

Canadian-Based Women's Humanitarian Group Expresses Shock and Dismay at Trump's "Illegal Invitation" to Rodrigo Duterte to visit President Trump in the White House

Duterte admits to being a killer Media Release (05/01/2017) Manila, Philippines - "It can't be true," suggests The RINJ Foundation's regional Manager for South East Asia. Sharon Santiago believes that US President Trump has set a trap for accused mass-murderer Rodrigo Duterte (Philippines' authoritarian ruler) , and Homeland Security will arrest the man the minute he steps foot on US Soil.

"Either that or Trump, who says he is willing to fight a nuclear war in South East Asia with North Korea, is duping Duterte into being the Coalition partner from the region."

Some pundits believe Duterte is being pulled into a trap wherein an ASEAN member-state is drawn into support for the US nuclear sabre-rattling with North Korea, a nuclear fight that will only kill Asians.

According to the RINJ women's group:it has a lengthy list of humanitarian beefs with the Philippines strongman who has publicly admitted to murdering Filipinos for the pure excitement of the act and to show Philippines police "how to do it".

The RINJ Foundation claims that Philippines authoritarian President Rodrigo Duterte

  • is ordering thousands of cold-blooded murders (EJK-Extra Judicial Killings) and refuses to stop even though the world has told him it is mass-murder;
  • is the subject of an International Criminal Court complaint for mass-murder and crimes against humanity;
  • is the subject of a Philippines impeachment motion pending before the national legislature;
  • is the subject of numerous complaints by human rights foundations;
  • makes it impossible to convict rapists in the Philippines;
  • slaughters women and children in the streets as punishment when drug user targets hide;
  • kills or imprisons opponents;
  • encourages child rape by pushing moms out of the country to earn as nanny-slaves and send money home to enhance GDP while the men rape the kids; and
  • exudes misogyny as a bad example to the rest of the country where the men have begun to behave the same way, committing murders and rape with impunity.

Newspaper reports suggest that human rights advocates are nearly apoplectic over Duterte's alleged criminal conduct, and now this endorsement by Trump, who after 100 days in office is reported by CNN to be the most unpopular US President for this time in office in recorded history.

The RINJ women's group screams from their web site that:

Donald Trump, the American Misogynist-in-Chief on April 29, 2017 during a 'friendly chat' by phone, invited Duterte to the White House!

Has America's civilian killing spree in Iraq created the need for familiar company in the White House?

Rodrigo Duterte says he is a murderer himself.

Trump would know that Duterte has repeatedly claimed to have killed alleged drug users in the Philippines. He has repeatedly told Filipinos to do the same and he will exonerate them and reward them.

In a statement published from its web site, The RINJ Foundation notes that:

US Law allows Homeland Security to arrest Duterte the minute he steps on USA land. But think about this.

The USA says it is willing to fight a nuclear war in South East Asia killing people on the Korean Peninsula, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines and maybe as far south as Malaysia. In the past the US record for killing civilians is just over a million in Iraq. Will Trump enlist Duterte as a dupe to help form a "coalition" to end North Korea at the cost of a million or more regional civilians? Maybe even end the Philippines if the nukes get out of hand?

North Korea's typical 7-year itch for attention has thrown ultimatums at many US Presidents.

Sanctions against North Korea only hurt the civilians and the corrupt government uses the conundrum to demonstrate "threats" against constituents and their need for North Korean military spending at an extreme percentage of GDP. China, it's closest ally wants to defuse attention for its fascinating trading partner with the rare-metal glut and concomitant wealth and says it will fix the problem.

"Why would USA bring a mass murderer to The White House?", seems to be a good question the ladies are asking.

Trump Invitation to Duterte Illegal because of USA EJK Laws Says Women's Group

According to at least two USA statutes the U.S. Homeland Security agents can detain and deport Rodrigo Duterte because American law forbids the admission of persons who have admitted to conducting Extra Judicial Killings.

U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act Section 212 lists the classes of aliens ineligible to receive visas and ineligible for admission" to the United States. Included under subsection E are participants in Nazi persecutions, genocide or the commission of any act of torture or extrajudicial killing.
iii) COMMISSION OF ACTS OF TORTURE OR EXTRAJUDICIAL KILLINGS- Any alien who, outside the United States, has committed, ordered, incited, assisted, or otherwise participated in the commission of- (I) any act of torture, as defined in section 2340 of title 18, United States Code; or (II) under color of law of any foreign nation, any extrajudicial killing, as defined in section 3(a) of the Torture Victim Protection Act of 1991 (28 U.S.C. 1350 note), is nadmissible."

RINJ Red Lines 2017 - Rodrigo Duterte



  1. Congress of the Philippines Impeachment Document
  2. If you are Poor in the Philippines You Are Killed - Amnesty International
  3. Philippines A Pariah in the 2016-2017 Report of Amnesty International
  4. Human Rights Watch - License To Kill

Top Philippines Alleged Criminals Named In Mass Murder ICC Case
Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte
Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre
Philippine Police Director General Ronald Dela Rosa
House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez
Former Interior Secretary Ismael Sueno
Police Superintendent Edilberto Leonardo
Senior Police Officer 4 Sanson "Sonny" Buenaventura
Police Superintendent Royina Garma
National Bureau of Investigation Director Dante Gierran
Solicitor General Jose Calida
Sen. Richard Gordon
Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano

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