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Press Release: H1N1 Influenza Shield: Photo-Catalytic Oxidation Technology

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(PCO) Photo-Catalytic Oxidation Technology recommended by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as one of proven systems to fight H1N1 Swine Flu in clean rooms, commercial and residential indoor environments.

Green Earth Nano Science, Inc., (GENS) Canadian environmental and green technology solutions developer, winner of the 2008 Green Log Award announced that EPA recommendation for PCO technology has helped commercial, government and individual clients in USA and around the World to speed up decision making to use and install company’s photo catalyst oxidation technology in their facilities to increase protection against H1N1 Swine Flue. Company PCO technology can be installed in public buildings, hospitals, military facilities, food processing facilities and homes.

Green Earth Nano Science Inc. is rapidly expending its global service/applicator team and extends office hours to work with unprecedented demand for its technology that is getting momentum and recognition as green, permanent bio-security shield for buildings to protect occupants and businesses from H1N1 Swine Flu Influenza global outbreak. After installation of “GENS NANO” PCO system in the building, customers never look back to use and buy the same old sanitizing chemicals like chlorine that was promoted in 20th century. Saving money and lives is now a priority, taking advantage of green, permanent solutions recommended by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is a smart choice in 21st century for all of us. Technology and application is simple; transparent coating, based on natural mineral, already used for 30 years as a food additive, based on water solvent with near zero VOC and natural mineral titanium dioxide is sprayed on almost all surfaces to create permanent, anti-bacterial, anti-mould, transparent thin film. Technology was successfully used in Hong Kong Subway, tested by NASA to eliminate pathogens to help expend plant live. All existing chemicals used today for daily sanitation work to protect the surface only for few minutes leaving surfaces unprotected in long term. GENS NANO self-sanitizing PCO coating solution, certified by Canadian Food Inspection Agency and now recommended by EPA has already been widely used globally. Main objective is to create a permanent bio decontamination natural shield that is environment friendly and capable of protection for 24/7 building’s occupants from air and surface bio contamination.

GENS NANO Technology is recognized internationally and recommended by EPA as one of the options to protect HVAC air ventilation systems from H1H1 virus spread. Study was done for over 15 years in several international universities that confirmed effectiveness and safety of the system which oxidizes almost all kinds of bacteria and viruses, including Influenza H1N1, Listeria, E.coli, Salmonella Corona, Ebola, and even Marburg virus. Installing PCO coating together with UV light air purifier in your ventilation system dose not mean you can’t end up with Swine Flu; however it is known that all strains of the flu virus do not live after exposure to PCO. Even though PCO can add an additional layer of protection in your home, or business it does not guarantee that you or others will remain infection free since you can come down with the flu by simply touching infected areas outside of protected surfaces where it’s quickly introduced through the body after itching your eyes or nose, mouth, etc. PCO technology offers an additional layer of protection and can help prevent any airborne spread by reducing, or even eliminating the virus should it become airborne within the home or business. A direct quote from the CDC: “Droplets from a cough or sneeze of an infected person move through the air.”

Canadian breakthrough technology brings superior protection for people against H1N1 Swine Flu outbreak such as: 24/7 surface bio-protection, air sterilization, less water and chemicals needed to disinfect, less impact on the environment and reduced building maintenance costs and minimized liability.

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