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Press Release: Cult Toronto Webshow To Release 10th and Final Episode

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Toronto based web-series, Nirvana The Band The Show ends with their tenth and final episode this Thursday, November 5th.

NTBTS, a web-based comedy series best known for it's irreverent, offensive humour and shameless guerilla-style shooting will be drawing to a close this coming week. The show is the brainchild of Matt Johnson and musician Jay McCarrol who, using their real names, also star in the series. The plot revolves around their desperate attempts to land a gig at the famous downtown Toronto night spot, the Rivoli. "I'm pretty sure we've broken more than one law while shooting," admits Matt, "I mean, that's practically the point of the show." Previous episodes have featured Matt and Jay breaking in to the Rivoli offices, making prank phone calls to the staff and, in one episode, dressing up as a blind beggar to try to steal the booking agent's booking book. "We set the bar pretty high for this final episode," says Jay, "so we're taking some real risks with it." Episode 9 featured Matt and Jay convincing rock legend Ronnie Hawkins to sign away the rights to use the name The Band.

Some of the shooting for the final episode was done at a sold-out live event that packed the Rivoli last month. The show featured music by several local bands including The Mark Inside, The Boo and a surprise performance by The Born Ruffians. Long time friends of the show, the Ruffians starred in episode 7 and thrilled the crowd at the Rivoli with a full set, playing many tunes off their upcoming record. "We'll be using footage from that night, but not in the way you might expect. Even the people who were at the live show won't know what's coming in this episode," says producer Jared Raab.

With a growing audience and no shortage of comic material, why end it now? "We always knew that the show would end after ten episodes. It was important to us not to wear out the joke. We've done everything we wanted to do with the series and more. Now it's time to move on to the next thing." For the creators of the show, the next thing may be bigger and better indeed. Matt and Jay are in development on a television show with Serendipity Entertainment and E1. "We can't tell you anything about it," jokes Matt, "but it may or may not be starring Matt Damon." It is not.

The entire series is viewable for free online at




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