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Media Release: Scientology and David Miscavige’s Narconon expansion debunked

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By David Love Media Release (06/21/2015) - An early morning photo shoot by cult examiner, David Love, was an eye-opener into the misrepresentations presented to International Association of Scientologists (IAS) members in Scientology's 30th Anniversary Impact Magazine edition. Over 223 pages of stunning, glossy photos with commentary, grab the reader's attention like a colourful Broadway Play or Michael Jackson's Neverland Valley Ranch amusement park.

However, in this Impact Anniversary magazine edition, David Miscavige, and/or his advisors have published something that's never been seen until now - 'A Golden Age for Narconon' with images of uniforms for Narconon staff and Students. The staff uniforms appear to be dark gray blazers with black pants, topped with a white shirt and 'gaudy-green' tie. Across the two page spread, it appears the 'Students' will be wearing a dark jacket trimmed with the same 'gaudy-green' to match the staff's ties.

Narconon 'Students' even have light gray shorts, trimmed with matching green, and a pair of sturdy slip-ons for the controversial Purification Rundown - Narconon's sauna program. This sauna program procedure represents a health risk with a Student having to endure 5 hours in hot sauna sweating sessions combined with massive and toxic doses of vitamins. Some 'Students' have died or rushed to hospital emergency.

What this new Impact Magazine edition implies to IAS members, is that Scientology has succeeded in building their new 'Ideal Continental Narconon' centers in Canada and Australia. Beautiful, panoramic, glossy photos depict drug rehab centers fit for a king or the unwary wealthy with indoor swimming pool and cozy fireplaces with "fitness area overlooking the Canadian woodlands."

The 'Ideal Continental Narconon' center in Australia has a huge outside swimming pool surrounded by towering palm trees and pool-side lounge chairs - a center that "spans a main lodge with six additional buildings, pools, gardens, and its own golf course."

So, what's wrong with this picture of drug rehab treatment centers looking like paradise with all the trimmings? The confirmed fact is, these new Narconons in this Impact Magazine do not exist and most likely never will. According to onev ex-IAS member this morning, Narconons are being presented to 'Whale' IAS members so that the donations keep pouring into Scientology coffers. A 'Whale' is considered as an IAS member with heaps of money, donating $100's of thousands and mega millions to help 'Clear the Planet' of drugs, crime, and psychiatry.

David Miscavige states in this Impact Magazine: "In short, this is the full 'Golden Age' for Narconon: Ideal Detox Centers, every component for administering, even ideal uniforms for both public and staff, making the new 'Golden Age' to create a new face for every Narconon, planet wide."

From the 'IAS Kingdom' of David Miscavige, he states: "Because you've collectively backed us for a full thirty years - I count on you to forever protect this kingdom of the IAS." In Miscavige's closing message, he pushes for more contributions, stating: "So, if I now ask that you support the IAS with equal totality, I do so from a grand perspective that says a substantial contribution is an everlasting gesture and far more important than material wealth or social status. As a matter of fact, a significant donation is all that stands between a great void where souls are lost forever and a message to billions that finally reads: You are infinite, immortal, omnipotent, and that's why we welcome you to Scientology."

When one sees all these new Ideal Continental Narconons in their copy of the 30th Anniversary Impact Magazine, it would indeed, give some comfort to all the millions being donated to support such a massive venture. Miscavige has be hounding IAS members for years, making 'Smoke and Mirrors' promises using deception and misrepresentations to members.

There's a word, "Postulate" that L. Ron Hubbard used, and that David Miscavige took into another realm of being a self-created truth, directed desire or order that became part Miscavige's form of an idea, that of: "Ideal Continental Narconons."

David Miscavige 'putting the cart before the horse' has now come back to insult and shame him - something that may have far reaching ramifications once the bad news trickles uplines to IAS members who donated many millions.

The fact is, Scientology's attempt to open the Ideal Narconon as presented in the Impact Magazine as being already in Canada, "standing on 43 acres of secluded Ontario Woodlands" is false. Yesterday, published on the Wire Service Canada website, "Scientology's appeal case to open Narconon in Ontario dismissed" - is the same Narconon center featured in the IAS Magazine.

Also with the Ideal Narconon in Australia being published as Scientology's new 'Continental Narconon Center' being "nestled in the Yarramalong Valley on 35 acres" is false and misleads IAS members into thinking 'postulates' are in fact a reality, when their so-called 'havingness' has been denied. A unanimous Yarra Ranges Council decision to refuse it a permit to operate its drug treatment program from a central location in Warburton, cited, upon other concerns: "The lack of professionalism of the staff, the program's unscientific treatment practices, and they questioned its advertised 75 per cent success rate." Scientology's application drew almost 300 objections from local residents.

Although not featured in this edition of Impact Magazine, the new Ideal Narconon being proposed at the Trout Run property near Camp David in Frederick Maryland was also rejected by Frederick County Council members by a whopping majority vote of 6 to 1 against Scientology's Narconon.

One photo of the 'Ideal Narconon Uniforms' from the IAS Impact Magazine was posted online several hours ago for comment from ex-Scientologists, ex-Narconon staff, and ex-IAS members. One person asked, "who would go to a rehab where they make you wear a uniform?"

The Narconon program is designed on what Scientology calls a 'Gradient' system. Scientologists believe that material must be learned in a definite order, never skipping to material which is overly complex before it is called for. A Scientologist must receive the newer and higher levels only upon completion of the previous level.

The idea of "gradients," or steps, is espoused in Scientology as the way to "handle" something in an orderly, step-by-step manner. In actuality, this concept becomes justification for deception. The real purpose is to get "bodies in the shop" - the cult process begins with deceptive recruitment -- management training, drug rehabilitation, and communication courses.

It is highly unlikely that a prospect entering a Narconon will know that there will be uniforms to wear. Usually, an addict or alcoholic arrives at Narconon disoriented, confused, and many times are still high. They scratch their name on a contract, and off they go to the 'Withdrawal Detox Unit' where most just want to lay down in bed. Although the so-called 'Withdrawal Specialist' may be wearing a uniform, it is unlikely one would be presented to or forced upon an addict suffering from drug addiction withdrawal symptoms.

First, the staff want to see how sick the patient (Student) is and if they will cooperate with and follow instructions. The patient will go through a 'Gradient' of short, 5 minute Training Routines (TRs) and brief 'Light Objectives' and lay down on a table to receive Assists - a "feel my finger" and "nerve assists" to try and relax the patient. Rather than wearing a uniform, the patient would likely be in street clothes or pajamas. Once the patient is seen to cooperate, staff would most likely introduce the uniforms, especially if the patient is ready to be moved to the dorms and main program.

The wearing of Narconon uniforms for staff and students was a surprise to an ex-Executive Director of a Narconon, commenting: "Students now have uniforms? Do they have arrows or stripes on them? That has got to be the stupidest thing that I've ever heard of from the cult - You're losing it, Despotic Midget (or at least you've lost the LITTLE you had." - referring to David Miscavige.

Another commented on ESMB: "Wow - looks like 1980 pieces of clothes took at the nearest thrift store and assembled in something uncoordinated) Is it supposed to raise the credibility?"

On Facebook, comments were mixed: "Getting them to wear uniforms is a nice easy gradient towards developing an affinity with sea org uniforms." "LRH wrote a policy about ideal orgs. He said nothing about ideal Narconons, missions, or AOs. And the Class V ideal orgs are far from what he described in the policy letter. Trying to make everything ideal has resulted in nothing being ideal." - "Except Ideal in DM's own imagination, which is a forever masking of the truth!"

Deception and masking the real truth in cults is what maintains power and control over members and addicts desperately seeking help online. Many toll free numbers that appear on screen when one types in "Drug Rehab" or "Help for Addiction" lead to Narconon. The 'Registrar' (salesperson) will unlikely be saying much about uniforms, but pushing their false 70-90% success rate and anything else that will convince the addict or family to act NOW.

Uniforms don't save lives, professional, qualified staff experienced in drug addiction do. Today, Father's Day, Murphy Robert Murphy says he lost his daughter inside Narconon Arrowhead in Oklahoma some time ago.

Murphy commented in part: "Today is Father's Day but I won't be hearing Happy Father's Day from my daughter Stacy Dawn Murphy. Why? Because she died at that Scientology recruitment center NarCONon - if you run across anyone in favor of a NarCONon be very concerned. In my opinion they are dishonest, self- serving or plain ignorant of the truth. Please do not allow a NarCONon into your community. Addicts seeking professional help won't get it there."

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