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Press Release | Real Estate

Press Release: Realty Point Unveils Revolutionary Real Estate Brokerage Franchise System

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Real Estate

Realty Point Inc launches on December 10, 2014, a new franchisor of real estate brokerages in the Greater Toronto Area. We offer successful real estate brokers the solution to opening their own full service real estate brokerage, and moving their real estate sales career into an ownership position, by providing the framework of running a successful brokerage including start-up planning and day-to-day office administration.

Realty Point Inc Press Release (10/22/2014) Toronto, ON - Launching initially in the Toronto Region on December 10, 2014, the Realty Point franchise system provides top-earning real estate salespersons and brokers the framework to open and manage their own real estate brokerage.

Unlike other franchise programs offered by network brokerages, Realty Point offers Realtors both total support and complete autonomy. Realty Point CEO James Hussaini, says that franchisees will establish their brokerages in their own name, giving them all the prestige and benefits of being an independent Broker of Record.

"These aren't mini-brokerages sheltering under the name of another organisation", says James Hussaini. "From the moment our clients incorporate they start building the value of their own brand and building that value in their business. It's an opportunity to create a valuable legacy in the form of an asset they can one day pass on or sell - that's the pay-off for all the hard work they put in over the years. Our franchisees are savvy real estate professionals who know how to attract business and build customer loyalty and it means a lot to them that they're no longer held hostage to someone else's reputation."

Realty Point's franchise system is aimed at successful Realtors in Ontario's highest tax bracket, who will benefit most from the substantial tax savings. "With the Ontario corporation tax rate currently set at a flat 15.5%, incorporation offers a substantial saving for anyone earning over $136,270 and paying individual tax as high as 49.5%," Hussaini explains. "Plus as a corporation they get access to a raft of other valuable tax planning strategies, like tax deferral and income splitting. Real estate is a tough, cyclical business. Even the most successful Realtors have up and down years. Being able to even out their income and pay a steady rate of tax is a big benefit."

Managing the administration side of the franchisee's brokerage is Realty Point providing what it describes as a "complete, seamless brokerage management solution" to its franchisees. Unlike other real estate franchise providers, Realty Point takes care of everything for its clients, from answering calls to preparing monthly reconciliations. "While the legal responsibility of course still rests with the individual Broker of Record, we make it as easy as possible for our clients every step of the way. We cross the 't's and dot the 'i's and make sure that everything is done properly. Part of our role is to keep them updated whenever anything changes in the regulatory environment, and help them implement those changes in their business. We're here to share our expertise and take care of all the hassles, so they can just get on with what they do best - selling real estate".

The new service allows any Realtor in Ontario to establish a brokerage under their own brand, and access all the benefits of incorporating their business.

"Realtors don't want to set up a brokerage and find they're spending more on office costs than they're saving in taxes", explained Hussaini. "Renting office space, buying equipment, and hiring staff - it's just not affordable for most individual brokers. Our franchise model and fixed fee structure means they know exactly how much they'll be paying each month, and provides constant access to far better systems and facilities than they could afford on their own. They also benefit with tax savings and the prestige of owning their own branded brokerage and a life that allows them freedom from the hard work of the day-to-day administrative duties of running a brokerage and their customers get great service. Its win-win for everyone involved."

Launch Information:

Date: Wednesday December 10, 2014

Time: 4:30pm to 6:30pm

Location: 240 Duncan Mill Road, Suite 600, Toronto Ontario, M3B 3S6

Invitation and Registration:


James Hussaini
600-240 Duncan Mill Road
Toronto, Ontario
M3B 3S6
Ph: 1-800-410-8516



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