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Press Release: NEW Radio Show helping women through transition reclaim their power

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A new Radio show host that has no fear speaking her mind, with honesty, integrity, truth and love; Andréa Dykstra will be broadcasting her inaugural show - "Shortcuts to Spirituality" - on CTR Feb 4th 11:00am PST.

It's your time! Press Release (02/03/2014) - Andréa has a way of creating a space of implicit trust, and using her intuition and guidance to move women who desire change to a place of clarity on key subjects that keep tripping them up. Whether their sticking point is being sick and tired of not achieving her goals, staying in unhealthy relationships, health concerns, trauma, career, money or seeking a more fulfilling Spiritual life. Whatever may be blocking you from the life that you desire, Andréa will help you create a way because she knows it is all possible!

Are you tired of struggling, are you frustrated by the seemingly endless loop of unhappiness? Are you sure there must be another way? There is, and this show will help you find it!

Andréa Dykstra is no stranger to challenges, her story started when she was kidnapped at the age of two and a half years old. She was raped before her third birthday, and over the next two decades she endured sexual, mental, physical and emotional abuse. This led her to become her own worst enemy, re-victimizing herself through abusive relationships, eating disorders and numbing out with drugs, alcohol and sex.

Andréa grew tired of coping instead of living, and she began a Spiritual journey that would span fifteen years, and ineffable worlds of consciousness. In the process, she devoured course after course, learning everything to the point of teaching it. Although Andréa was using these methods to heal herself, it also led to a long list of certifications that she began to use to help other women find their own path to healing.

With Shortcuts to Spirituality, Andréa opens up the naked, raw, and vulnerable truth, casting aside convention and limitation. Be prepared to laugh, create, shift, explore, and embrace every aspect of yourself as a multi-dimensional Being. Learn how to awaken your Soul and keep your heart open no matter what!

Starting Feb 4th at 11:00 am PST join Andréa Dykstra and start your journey, Whether you want a more loving relationship, or you desire a highly satisfying sex life; you long for the job of your dreams, or you want to feel more confident; if you would like to experience more personal and business success, or you want to connect with a deeper Spiritual journey, Shortcuts to Spirituality can help you live with more joy, peace, and love in your life!

Tune in on the first, third and fifth Tuesday of each month; Reclaim YOUR Power and set yourself free!


Andréa Dykstra

Twitter @Energized Life



CTR Radio


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