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Why was my press release not published?


To ensure the quality of our press release service for all those involved we will only publish press release material that meets basic news wire standards. This includes the content of the release - for example we will not publish anything that may be illegal in Canada. Your press release must also include contact information.

As well please take note that we will not publish press release material that has been published numerous times before. This is not an article directory or a free-for-all type website that will publish anything that is submitted. There is no gain in submitting the same material to numerous sources. Internet search engines and news agencies will only index/publish/take notice of the first publication.

If you submit to Wire Service Canada original material it will be published as long as it meets our other requirements. If you submit the same material to other sources many hours or days before here it will not be published/distributed via our service.

Please have some patience once you submit - we offer this as a free service and try our best to review and publish material as quickly as possible. So if your material doesn't appear right away, please be aware that we are notified immediately on each submission and are striving to get to your press release as soon as possible.

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