Home science In Milan, a former anti-aircraft shelter became Space Amato. This is what it will be

In Milan, a former anti-aircraft shelter became Space Amato. This is what it will be

In Milan, a former anti-aircraft shelter became Space Amato.  This is what it will be

It all starts from an endless journey. However, as the saying goes? When the door is closed, the door opens. In this case we can almost say “slot”, since we are talking about a former shelter for air raids on the outskirts of Milan, specifically via Vallarsa 20, in the Fondazione Prada area. It will be called grainy space, in honor of the work of the neon artist Massimo Operti, who had his own studio here. who handed Operti the keys and the wand to the young man Giorgio BernasconiBorn in 1998 and a course in sculpture in Brera. Who decided to make it not only a workplace but also a gallery, starting with a series of solo exhibitions dedicated to the largest number of emerging artists. Specificity: it will be the space that “dictates” the works, which will be gradually created in close dialogue with the environment. Here’s what the creator of this new Milanese reality told us.

Can you tell us what made you want to open your space in Milan?
“Milan, like all great cities, is an engine of infinite possibility, where thousands of stories meet and interact with each other every day, and from this point of view, SPAZIO AMATO is an excuse to work together, stay together and make things happen. With this project, I would like to build a pole, a hub, and the goal is to develop a network of collaboration and sharing of new technical experiences. Moreover, after working and studying in Milan for several years, without realizing it, I built a dense network of relationships that served as the basis for laying the foundations of this initiative, which is based on the proactive tension to take advantage of the possibility of . In the months leading up to this inaugural exhibition, a close-knit group of people has been built who have worked to realize this idea, and I want to thank them here, in black and white, for their belief in me and this project.”

Love the space, the possibility of Trouvè by Giorgio Bernasconi

How will the programming be done?
“SPAZIO AMATO will host a series of solo exhibitions, given the specific location, I thought it would be more effective to have each artist occupy the entire space, I recommend those who show work by creating site-specific works, the goal is to propose exhibitions focused on an experimental approach to the exhibition space. Thursday 16 and Friday, December 17, from 5 pm to 9 pm (entry free, reservations required, World Health Organization) The space will open with my personal exhibition: Possibilitè Trouvè, where I will present a series of medium and large-scale watercolor works on canvas. The exhibition will be open until January 15, after which we will host it in February Giulio Alfigeni, and will follow Marco Balleri. We are working with different artists for the following exhibitions but the timing has not been clarified yet and I don’t want to exaggerate.”

In your opinion, what does Italy miss in promoting young artists, and how would you like to “bridge” these problems in your own way?
“I notice there is a gray area between the end of the academic path and the beginning of the professional path, this very moment, where one is too small for the galleries and too big for the curated exhibitions from the academy, and they are usually filled with independent spaces. When we talk about independent spaces, experiences come to mind Like the experience of Via Lazzaro Palazzi, where a group of artists gather in one place and organize exhibitions, without relying on trade fairs.The programming of these places usually concerns only members of this group, works share a common poetic and work together and are able to conduct common research. The space has a reputation or seriousness that allows it to invite different artists from abroad.For SPAZIO AMATO, I wanted to do something different: space is work, space is event.The artists in the program are the guests who got to this place, as if it was a blank sheet of paper, and this sets us apart For situations that already have pre-set guidelines, where it is necessary to focus on a primary poet.In this exhibition space, it is the nature of the place that dictates the poets and it is up to the individual artist to understand how to arrange go to ».


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