October 1, 2023

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So San Tutu 3, a book to put science at the service of progress

So San Tutu 3, a book to put science at the service of progress

Tomorrow, Tuesday 15 November, at 5:30 pm, at the Libraccio Library in Ferrara, Giulia Perrone and Marco Perduka will present the book “Cosi san tutt3” published by Fandango for the “Books of Reason” cycle.

Dialogue with curators Ilaria Baraldi.

How is the vaccine made? Why does the process take so long? Who can, or should, use it? What do we need to study to control the spread of disease? How can we help agriculture tackle climate change? What are the most effective mental health treatments?

“Cosi san tutt3” was born on the initiative of the association Luca Coscioni with contributions from jurists, scholars, researchers, experts and political scientists to shape the human right to science through its practical implications.

From drug testing, to sexual and reproductive health, to mental health, to the free sharing of studies, research, and results, the volume describes the elements of a right to science by providing “instructions” on how to recognize this right to life of all days and see it recognized by laws policies, courts and tribunals.

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