Home science Cinema occupied a space in the newspaper Die Mundi «ilTamTam.it» Umbria’s online newspaper

Cinema occupied a space in the newspaper Die Mundi «ilTamTam.it» Umbria’s online newspaper

Cinema occupied a space in the newspaper Die Mundi «ilTamTam.it» Umbria’s online newspaper

The festival calendar hosts three this year movie ratingsA selection of documentaries Michael BlackwoodAnd the Trisha Brown Dance Company Archive And the Thierry de mi, it is shown during the weekends at Palazzo Collicola, Sala Pegasus and Sala Frau; show filmography Pier Paolo Pasolini Proposed by Cinéma at Sala Pegasus; Greeting for Federico Fellini And the relationship between cinema and psychoanalysis thanks to a review of cinema and psychoanalysis.

review documentaries subordinate Michael Blackwood ProductionsPresented by Mahler & LeWitt Studios with the support of Bloomberg Philanthropies, it proposes, during the three weekends of the festival between Palazzo Collicola, Sala Pegasus and Sala Frau, a selection of films by Michael Blackwood – documentary filmmaker and author Spoleto 1967created to mark the 10th anniversary of the Festival dei Due Mondi – which focuses on art, artists, architecture, architects, dance, choreographers, music and composers.
On July 1 and 2, from 9:30 p.m. at Palazzo Collicola, it’s the turn of documentaries Trisha Brown Dance Company Archive Exploring the exceptional art of postmodern dance icon Trisha Brown. Finally, on July 8-9-10 (9:30 p.m.) Palazzo Collicola hosts the cinematic works of Thierry de mi Director and composer of several soundtracks for contemporary dance shows, including choreography by Anne Teresa de Kersmaker. Admission to the Spoleto65 Documentary Film Festival is free.

The exhibition is dedicated to Pier Paolo Pasolini, on the centenary of his birth Pier Paolo Pasolini 100 Edited by Sala Pegasus Cinema (until July 8). Almost all of his films are shown, since his debut in 1961 with beggar In the end Salò or 120 days of SodomIt was published posthumously in 1975.
I’m back for the eighth year Cinema and Psychoanalysis (2-3 July, Sala Pegasus), sponsored by Claudia Spadazzi and Elisabetta Marchchiori, in collaboration with Cinéma Sala Pegasus, sponsored by the Italian Psychoanalytic Association and supported by the IPD, Italian Psychoanalytic Dialogues.

film festival, Dedicated to the famous director Federico Fellini who would have turned 100 in 2020, wants to be a tribute from the psychoanalytic world to an artist who has drawn in this field several times in his work. During the two days, the audience was invited to see some of the restored works of the great master and get acquainted with the unpublished or unknown aspects of his diverse world thanks to four documentaries dedicated to him, with the participation of directors, experts of Fellini cinema, journalists and psychoanalysts.


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